The Legal Age To Consume Alcohol

Why we should decrease it.

Are you 18?

You shouldn't have to worry about being an adult and drinking just because of a stupi law that is literally a 3 year difference. This is currently a doubting problem that falls on the majority of young adults in the United States today.

Why should we decrease it?

A reason the consuming age should be decreased is because at the age of 18 you are considered a legal adult , but, the age of 21 years is the proper age? Why not drop it three years due to the fact that the same laws apply to an 18 year old and 99% consume alcohol to behin with.

Why shouldn't we?

Many believe if we decreased the age it would be considered a "national joke" and all they have as an excuse is "it's our job to know what's best for the youth". They failed to mention that at the age of 18, once again, you are considered A LEGAL ADULT and you are required to make your own choices. Therefore, decreasing the age and or increasing it would make no difference in the environment what so ever!
Lowering The Drinking Age to 18 commercial