GCA National Honors Society News

Scholars meet the 1st Thursday of each Month at 3:30pm

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Greetings from your NHS sponsor,

Ms. Leslie Clark.

Next Meeting December 1st at 3:30pm.

It should be showing in your CC calendar

Here is the link for our meeting:


Vote for Our NHS Officers TODAY if you haven't already

3rd Annual GCA Show Off Virtual Talent Show!!!

We are Having our Talent Show to February. Please let everyone know

If you would like to help with the talent show send an email to lclark@gacyber.org and be sure to tell me what you would like to do. We will start accepting in December and continue through January.

More Info to come!!

Virtual Tutoring to start after the break

After Thanksgiving Break you will see a link for virtual tutoring in your CC Calendar. NHS members are required to tutor one hour per month and if you miss a meeting you make up for it by tutoring an additional hour. December-April. Good news November and May you get a pass because we are beginning and wrapping up NHS.

I welcome all Questions or Suggestions :)

Email me at lclark@gacyber.org

Mrs. Leslie Clark