What Do Science Teachers Do?

Want to become a science teacher? Read below!

What is a science teacher?

A science teacher is someone who helps students grow in the learning of a variety of different science subjects such as biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, etc.

What education do they need?

To become a science teacher, you will have to have a high school diploma and a bachelor's degree in science education. However, most science teachers hold a bachelor's, and sometimes master's, in a specific area of science such as chemistry, biology, and physics.
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How much do they make?

Yearly, a science teacher's salary is estimate between $50,000 to $60,000. This number may change due to position of schools and the degree the teacher owns.
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Science Fun

This is a video about how some science teachers can make class fun.

What are their responsibilities?

A science teacher's responsibilities include:

  1. Being able to communicate and interact with students.
  2. Encourage students to grow with learning.
  3. Help the student if they are having any difficulty with learning.
  4. Take the responsibility of being a leader and educator.

Where do they need to live?

A science teacher needs to live anywhere with an education system, and ninety-five percent of the world reaches these acquirements.
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