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Websites & Apps for you - Issue 5


This newsletter will be devoted to all things Science. Our wonderful science teachers - Anjali & Phillipa have shared their favourite sites.

The 1st aim of the new Science Syllabus is to foster students' sense of wonder and expand their natural curiosity about the world around them in order to develop their understanding of, interest in, and enthusiasm for science and technology.

AT CCPS we are very fortunate to have fantastic science programmes that consistently instil this aim for all our students.

BBC Radio1's Nick Grimshaw tackles chemistry

Exothermic or endothermic reaction?? I wish CCPS had a proper science lab with test tubes, bunson burners and white coats.
Professor Grimshaw Does Science

App of the Week


The following apps are from NASA -too many quality products to choose only one this week so there are 3. They speak for themselves. They are available form the app store on iTunes and are all free.