Mrs. Byrd's English II

January 25-29

Weekly Agenda

Monday, January 25th - Tuesday, January 26th


Unit 9 Vocabulary - you should be studying

Continue Utopia projects

Wednesday, January 27th

EQ: How does literature reflect society?

Do Now:

Vocabulary Practice - you should be charting your progress

Period 1

Periods 2 and 3


Today is your last in class project work day.

Please note - your first slide or presentation piece should give your back story.

Why did you decide you needed to create your Utopia?

Example: (yours should be way more detailed) - Violence was running wild in our world. The death and crime rates were more than tripled from 5 years previous. Once the new president, not mentioning a name, took office - our society was thrown into turmoil. Laws were enacted that limited our thoughts and movements. If we didn't agree with his views he attacked. He built a wall around the white house and spoke of building one around our entire country - cutting off trade, travel (and with that - our ability to see family outside of the country), and making people carry citizenship cards. My friends and family - along with many other people - after much planning - made our move and built our own wall. We knew what to do to create a perfect world and we did it.

With each section - you need to explain the logistics. If I say my community will not import or export goods - I need to explain how we will provide the necessities.

Remember - you are creating a Utopia and although it is fictional - it is not fantasy! It can be futuristic - but not unrealistic!