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FM9 Student Led News - September 1, 2016

Lady Jaguar Wrestling - Join TODAY

Ladies, if you would be interested in competing on the first ever FMHS Women’s Wrestling Team this winter, it is very important for you to attend one informational meeting, either at 7:45 AM, or 3:35 PM this Friday in room 9112 on the 9th grade campus.

Jaguar Nation helps Louisiana Flood Victims

One of the priorities of the Jaguar Softball Team has always been community service, so we are starting off this school year with plans for a donation drive to help communities in Louisiana affected by the recent floods. Our donation drive plan is three-fold:

  1. We will be collecting a variety of items from our softball families at our tailgate party, prior to this Friday's football game.
  2. At school, we'll have our players collect items (i.e. toothbrushes, baby wipes, hairbrushes, deodorant) during a one-to-two week period, beginning the second week of school
  3. We will gather all items and help load the delivery truck when collection is complete.

Step up to the plate and help out. Bring all donations to Coach Larriba (Room 9240) or Coach Burkhardt (Room 9241).

Here's a list of all donations needed:

Monetary Donations

Gift Cards

Cleaning Supplies

Gloves, Masks, Anti-Microbial Agents (Mold killers), Rubber gloves, Good masks, Garbage Bags (for people to take home), Clorox wipes, Laundry detergents, Paper towels

Equipment Needed

Fans or Dehumidifiers, Crow bars, Box cutters/knives, Squeegees, Blowers, Square Edge Shovels

Toiletries & First Aid

Toothbrush, Band Aids, Razors, Brushes, Deodorant, Mouthwash

Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Adult diapers, Pull Up diapers, Children's and infant Tylenol

Children & Pet Supplies

Baby Supplies (bottles, formula, food, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, etc.)

Games and toys for children at shelters

Pet food (Dog and Cat)

Blankets & Towels

Blankets and toiletries for the shelters, Pillows, Comforters, Bedding - King and queen, Bath towels and washcloths

Clothing Supplies

Men's rubber boots and closed toe shoes, Diabetic socks

Food & Water

Ready to eat non-perishable food, Cases of water/ water bottles

Canned & Dried goods (Vienna Sausage, Canned beans/dry beans, Canned Chicken/Tuna)

The Lady Jags Softball team can always count on Jaguar Nation to help others in need. Let's knock this out of the park and help our Cajun Cousins to the east.

Jaguar Sports Calendar

September 1

4pm - FM9 White Football vs. Lewisville @ FMHS

5:30pm - FM9 Silver Football vs. Fossil Ridge @ FMHS

5:30pm - JV Silver Football vs. Fossil Ridge @ Fossil Ridge HS

7pm - FM9 Navy Football vs. Fossil Ridge @ FMHS

7pm - JV Navy Football vs. Fossil Ridge @ Fossil Ridge

September 2

*SPIRIT DAY - Wear Red, White, & Blue (USA Day)*

**Pep Rally Day - upstairs classrooms attend**

5:30pm - Freshman Volleyball A & B vs. Plano Clark @ Plano Clark

5:30pm - JV 1 Volleyball vs. Plano Senior HS @ Plano HS

6:30pm - Varsity Volleyball vs. Plano Senior HS @ Plano HS

7:30pm Varsity Football vs. Fossil Ridge @ FMHS

Thinking About College

Better Understand Your GPA and Class Rank Will Affect You

Being a freshmen and coming into a new environment at FM9, we have a lot of questions. How do I know where to go? What’s the whole new schedule situation? How are the new teachers? What is a GPA and class rank and how will it affect my college application process? Keep calm and don’t worry. It’s a concept that can be a little confusing, but is an important tool that you can use to keep an eye on your grade and make sure you're on a good path to get into your “dream school”.

We all know that the end of our senior year is not the end. If you’re going to go to college it’s important that you pick a university that you like, and that you pick a major that interests you. You might have no idea now, but you should start to think about what you would really like to do for a living by the time you are an upperclassmen.

Depending on what school you are applying for, they will have certain requirements that you need to meet in order to attend that university. They will look at your GPA, class rank, which school you went to, your essay/application, resume, teacher recommendations (if needed), and other factors that make you you.

For example, prestigious schools such as the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University will only take the top 7% of your class, which is roughly rank 63 and lower out of the 900 students or so in our grade. Other schools like UNT will accept you no matter what if you are in the top 10% of your school, but will accept around the top 50% with a high SAT/ACT score. If your GPA or Class Rank isn’t where you wanted it to be by your junior or senior year, don’t worry, you’ll still have the chance to save yourself with the college entrance exams.

Though this may help you a bit, you definitely shouldn’t plan on using it to make up for a poor GPA, but instead use it to boost yourself even further in your academic success and make colleges want you even more! It’s not too much to worry about right now, but your class rank is definitely an important factor of your application that you will want to keep in the back of your mind through your high school career.
Your GPA or Grade Point Average is affected by what your grades you have in your core classes and some electives. You can see your GPA at the end of every nine weeks, but if it’s low, don’t be worried. Your semester might have only 1 class that can add to your GPA, while someone else might have 3 classes, so their GPA might be higher than yours.

What the counselors here at FM9 suggest is to look at your GPA at the end of the year, so the Average is accurate. The same should happen with your class rank. You are being compared to others based on your GPA, so if you aren’t taking a lot of classes that can add to your GPA, your class rank will be lower. That means that you shouldn't worry if you're getting all A's, but still only rank #200. Look at your schedule and if you aren't taking many core classes, wait until the end of the year to examine your ranking and GPA, and you will be much more pleased.

Students should also be aware of how grades are weighed and how it could positively effect the grades being made in some classes compared to others. What Mrs. Roach and Mr. Gifford suggest to better help your GPA, is to "go for the grades, not the weight." This diagram below illustrates how much more beneficial it is to get better grades and have less weight than get poor grades with more weight.
Big image
Colleges also look at your class rank among your peers in your grade level. FMHS is well known by colleges and they know it's very competitive here, so they do give a tiny bit of leeway in regard to class rank.

Schedule a meeting with your FM9 Counselor if ...
  • You're feeling stressed
  • You feel like a class is too easy
  • You have any further questions

The best thing to do is to take classes that are interesting to you, and are a good fit for you. Strive for the best grades you can get, and remember to have a great freshman year!

Written by: Thomas, Brandon ,and Ty

A special thanks to Mrs. Roach and Mr. Gifford!