4th Grade All Stars

March 7, 2014

Upcoming Events

March 14: Make up snow day- Students ARE in school.

March 26: Spring Picture Day & field trip form and money due

March 31: Skate Night at Fundome 6-8

April 4: Willy Wonka Jr. Field Trip & AR Party

April 7-11: Spring Break

Math and Science

Math- Our current unit is Fractions. This is a big, in-depth unit, so knowing the basics will be a great foundation for the students. We started off by spending time reviewing what we know about fractions from last year. Next week we will be busy with equivalent fractions, mixed numbers, improper fractions, and ordering and comparing those numbers. Our math facts are STILL very important for this unit, so please take the time to practice these at home.

Science- Our current unit in science is a study of the Earth. We are discussing weathering, erosion, etc. Ask your child about the volcanoes we made in class last week!


Mrs. Dailey's class has PE on Monday.
Ms. Schreiner's class has PE Thursday.

Reading and Social Studies

Reading and Writing:
The students have been loving our fairy tale unit so far! We got into studying the different points of view and how that affects the plot of the story. It has also been a great chance to review theme. Next week, we will incorporate the fairy tales into our writing. We will be analyzing the different parts of a plot (rising action, climax, resolution) and writing our own fairy tales!

Language Arts: We have been studying the parts of sentences and different types of sentences. We will continue with this next week we will finished this up and begin studying adjectives, adverbs, and articles.

Social Studies: We are continuing our study on government. We are going to continue with the three branches of government next week.

Notes from the teacher