OCPL Weekly Update

November 19, 2015

Mahan Library

Sorry that there was no update last week; my daughter was sick on Wednesday and I was at home with her.

Everyone is still hard at work planning the Christmas party. I’m going to talk to the chef at Kroger hopefully sometime this week. Everything seems to be coming together!

We had good attendance for our Second Chances Wildlife Center presentation. Our animal guests were a possum and a skunk. As you can see from the pictures, the skunk is acting a bit camera-shy, while the possum is striking a pose for everyone to see. The kids had fun and asked some interesting questions. I also learned some new things, including the fact that possums (at least baby ones) can actually be kind of cute. Who knew!

About a week ago, a patron was bicycling down the hill in front of the caretaker’s cottage. The pavement was slick because a light rain was falling, and she fell. Fortunately, the ILL courier was just leaving and cried out when he saw her fall. I went outside and the two of us helped the patron up. I asked Kendra to call 911. (Thanks to her for rapidly completing this task.) The patron really didn’t want us to call for an ambulance, but I wasn’t taking any chances! The ambulance came and took her away, but that wasn’t the end of the story. The patron actually called me later and thanked me for calling for help. Turns out the damage wasn’t insignificant; I believe she said she had a fractured pelvis and some kind of an issue with her arm. I ask you to keep her in your thoughts as we wish her a speedy recovery.

Finally, Nature of Christmas is just around the corner! Please spread the word and stop by if you can. We’re going to have refreshments, crafts, and Christmas carols. Should be fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Main Library

Trisha has sent me the first full month of wireless usage statistics. Main had 1166 distinct clients, which is an average of 97 per day. These clients transferred 306.57 GB of data. It will be interesting to see how this fluctuates over the course of the year.

I had a nice visit at South this afternoon. The new iPads look great and the space looks much more open without the old PAC stands. Now if we could just find somewhere to store the old stands…

I’ll be leaving at 6 Thursday. Have a great weekend and stay warm!


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Outreach & Adult Programming

MONDAY IS PENGUIN DAY! Ahem. We’re a bit excited for that. 6pm, adults only, Main Library.

Saturday, even sooner & more exciting is finally International Games Day. 11-5pm, there will be all kinds of fun going on. Cheri & I will be setting up the Candyland Friday night, so look for pictures on the library’s FB page.

We are also getting ready for holiday decorating at Main. Paul will be pulling out the decorations early next week & Cheri will be staging them in the meeting room. We’ll be decorating on Monday, Nov. 30th. I can’t believe it’s already almost December.

The Holiday Open House will be on Tues. Dec. 8th! We only have a few more tables available for the craft fair that will be taking place in the meeting room during the open house. It’s free for a table, but I need to know who is coming. If you know of crafters who would be interested in selling their goods from 6-8pm on that day, please have them contact me.

DON’T FORGET: Starting this Friday (and running through Fri. 27th) all fines collected will be going to purchase books for children in need. We’ll be promoting this online, and posters will be coming in the run on Friday for South & Mahan.

Finally, we’re hosting our first Literacy Night at the Library for Centerfield Elementary on Thursday (might already be done by the time you read this). It’s for students and their families to come and learn about literacy skills & sign up for library cards & services. We’re looking forward to it!


South Oldham Library

While I was working on Saturday, the toilet got stuck in a perpetual flush. I had to call Christian Brothers Plumbing to come out and repair the flushing mechanism.

I’m in the process of submitting paperwork to become a notary for South Oldham Library. We get asked nearly every day if we have a notary on staff. I’ll let you all know when it becomes official.

I won a book for the library in another contest sponsored by Penguin; I honestly don’t remember how or when. It’s a children’s book called “The Fox and the Star” by Coralie Bickford-Smith.

We have eliminated our uncatalogued paperback collection due to extreme lack of space and very low circulation numbers.

Finally, thanks to Mary for coming by to visit us on Wednesday. We really appreciate her interest in how things are going at South and her desire to help us meet our needs at this branch.


Technical Services

Several of you have reported strange (not new) behavior with Cancelled Hold messages in LS2 Staff.

1. Cancelled Hold messages do not appear under the Cancelled Holds tab.

2. Messages about a juvenile patron auto-updating to adult status do appear under the Cancelled Holds tab (not easily identifiable).

3. Cancelled Hold messages do appear under the General Messages tab (not easily identifiable)

TLC Support is looking into it.

I need to provide them with examples of Cancelled Hold messages appearing under the General Holds tab.

Please make a screen shot of each instance/s.

Copy the screen shot into a Word doc.

Email the Word doc to vniehaus@oldhampl.org

I will be out of the office on vacation from Friday 11/20 to Monday 11/30, returning on Tuesday 12/1. Susan Michal, Elaine Jack and Cassie will be in the office as usual. No one will be in Tech Services on Friday 11/20 and Friday 11/27 (day after Thanksgiving). I am the only one who normally works on Fridays.

I hope you all have a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving. I hope to spend some time counting my many blessings. Today I am thankful that no one took a picture of me “fixing” the doorbell at Main.

Vicki Niehaus

Teens & Main Circ

Main Circ Stuff:

We are all missing Mary Rundell while she is recovering from her surgery. She has been in to visit several times, but we will be glad to be back to normal when she comes back.

Just a reminder to everyone as they shelve and shelf read:
Thanks to Susan Michal, we now have many books that have series labels that put them in sequential order. This is greatly helpful for patrons. On the shelf, the priority of shelf order for these books is: author’s name; series title; then the series number. (They will not be alphabetical by title.) I have caught myself several times starting to “fix” the order of an author’s books, only to realize that they have the series labels on them now. Definitely a great thing, but something to get used to and remind yourself of.

Upcoming Teen Stuff:

· Book Besties: the next two Tuesdays and then we will take a break until 2016

· Family Literacy Night: we are hosting a big event at Main on Thursday, December 3rd from 6-8 for Oldham County Middle School. We will use most spaces in the library that night, so if you’re working that night, prepare yourself for a busy evening. The staff of OCMS is planning a very cool event with lots of teachers helping and students helping to facilitate things as well.

· Teen Holiday Coffeehouse: Saturday, December 5th from 2-5—an drop-in type event with all types of holiday activities

I was asked to provide an update on Trish Taylor: the Taylor family was transferred back to Kansas City several weeks ago. It was an unexpected transfer and happened very quickly. They sold their house, which is great, and have settled in Kansas City. They lived there before, so have many friends to welcome them back. MacKenzie, though, was determined to stay here in Louisville and continue school at U of L. Trish is pretty nervous about this, but they are supporting MacKenzie’s decision. I believe she is doing well. I haven’t heard much since the move happened, but wanted to let you all know.



Children's Services

Don't forget International Game Day is Saturday from 11-5 at Main. Should be fun.

The Handprint Calendar is Monday at 3 pm at Main. Sign ups are required and it is full. Patrons can sign up for the wait list.

Book Besties is Tuesday at 4:30 at Main.

And that's it! No regular programs next week due to the holidays.





IT Services

Your Zenful IT Tech