Magic Lessons

Only Three Easy Steps

Magic Spells etc.

This class will cover the art of magic spells, mastering the flying broomstick and whipping up a batch of magic potions.

Tuesdays at Two

Classes will meet on Tuesday at 2 AM in the cottage by the Black Forrest. We will remain in session until all participants have mastered each skill. Registrations may begin following the next Full Moon and registration will close at sunrise seven days later.

Some of our Best Professors

Guaranteed to be fun for all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any danger? No more then your average high school experience. Oh sure you might encounter a few staircases that suddenly move and the occasional flying car; but if you watch where you are going you should have no problem.

I hear you have to study a lot? Well yes our classes do require that you study but our students do find plenty of time for recreation. Why just the other day Professor Foureyes was playing with the other professors a game that involved an invisible cloak. Such imaginations. I guess that is why they are so good!

How to Find Us

If you are arriving from the south take Interstate 87 North. If you are traveling from the north take Interstate 87 South. If you will be traveling from the west take New York State Route 3. If you are traveling from the East I hope you can swim.