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At Mary G Porter Traditional School

Mary G Porter Traditional School

Mary G Porter have been open for about 13 years. We have about 652 student and three class for each grade for elementary and the basic subject for middle school.

Application Process

With an application process like no other school, we introduced a raffle and waiting list system for our applicants. After each form is properly filled out and signed, each applicant is required to complete a short eassy an the given topic. However, it is important to consider that our waiting list is very long
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Safety and Drills

With a variety of drills we practice monthly, we ensure each child's safety. Tornado drills, Earthquake drill, Fire drill, and Lockdown drills are only a few of the safety drills we perfrom. Each student's safety is always our number one priority. Thus is just on other reason the Porter Family is the best choice for your child.
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Unifrom Policy

All shirts MUST be tucked in. (Unless Principal gives a “No Tuck” day) Clothing must be appropriately sized for the wearerNOT baggy OR form fitting. There can be no logo or brand names on any item worn to school, except school logo or name. The only exception is tennis shoes. No holes/tears or stains in clothing or shoes. Pants and sweatpants will be worn at the waistline and must be held one inch from the leg. All shorts, skirts, skorts and jumpers will be worn at vendor length that is not shorter than three (3) inches above the knee Undershirts and tank tops that are worn under a shirt need to be a Porter color.


In Porter we have many traditions like:


Porter Traditional School Creed

Staff Uniform

Star Qualities

Give Me Five

Stars and Stripes

Class Meetings