Science Times

By: Mr. Kottkey (Issue #3)


End of the quarter 4/9!!

This week In Science we finished the Genetics Unit. We completed and turned in our genetic alien families and took the genetics exam on Friday! Now we are heading into the Theory of Evolution and Ecology. This week we will be taking some notes with instructional videos as homework. The text book reading will cover pages 151-161.

Students of the Week!

Emily is a great example of an well-rounded student. Her behavior in class and in the school environment is that of a mature, young adult. What I really appreciate about Emily is her questioning ability. When things don't make sense, she will not hesitate to ask me. This helps her and the class. In fac,t she has even emailed me several times when she has questions! It's because she takes charge of her own learning that she has had such great success in the classroom. She is Just an awesome all-around student! Keep up the good work, Emily!

Elsie Bran-Mendoza

Elsie is one of the hardest working students in Science. She is constantly striving to do the best she can. She puts the social aspects of school to the side and puts great effort to achieve the best grade she can In my class on a daily basis. She comes in early and stays late if she needs help or just a little extra time to complete assignments. Excellent Job Elsie, Keep up the positive attitude and hard work!

Week at a Glance 3/16-3/20 (Subject to change)



*Genetics honors option presentations.

*HW: Introduction to Evolution instructional video.



*Review Evolution notes INB Pg. 91

*Start Vocabulary Activity INB pg. 90



*Natural selection Evolution/Adaptation/Variation two pager INB 92-93



*Guided reading text book 152-170 INB pg. 94

*Movie: Greatest discoveries-evolution INB pg95



*Finish Movie: Greatest discoveries-evolution INB pg95

Attachments: (More to come... keep checking my website)

Movie: 100 greatest discoveries: Evolution

Khan Academy: Natural Selection

Bill Nye: Evolution

Quiz Your KID!!

  • Vocabulary terms (Bold terms refer to vocabulary they should know this week)
      1. Species

      2. Evolution

      3. Natural selection

      4. Adaptation

      5. Variation

      6. Gradualism

      7. Punctuated Equilibrium

      8. Fossil

      9. Sedimentary Rock

      10. Relative Dating

      11. Radioactive Element

      12. Homologous

      13. Vestigial Structure

      14. Embryology