by- emily childress, kadde kime, allie owens, mikayla coomer

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the history of drought

A drought is a long period of time without precipitation or rainfall. It affects Texas and Oklahoma tremendously. The worst drought of all time was called the dust bowl, or the dirty thirties in the 1930's. The dust bowl was a series of bad dust storms caused by an awful drought. By 1940, more than 2.5 million people had fled from the regions affected by the dust bowl. And nearly 10 percent had moved to California. Texas is still today affected by these devastating droughts, which is why we invented the Aqua-nater, which helps millions of people around the world with drought and saves gallons of water everyday.


The aqua-nater takes water from the nearest water resource, such as a lake, ocean, even your dishwasher and sink, and puts it threw a filter. Once the water is filtered, a red light will start to flash. then the clean water goes threw a pipe to your water heater, which then you can adjust the temperature of the water using a knob. then you can reuse your water over and over again and it actually be crystal clean. the aqua-nater is good to help prevent droughts because it can save million of gallons everyday. And in 50 years the population is supposed to triple, so if we start now we will be prepared, even if were still in a drought.