Physical Education

There are a lot of benefits to it!

Physical education = Better education!

Exercise has a lot of benefits to it because it sharpens the mind, improves behavior and academic performance. Many dropping physical education because it is irrelevant and focused more on education than exercise. A wise man once said that exercise is important so students do not fall behind in physical abilities and education.

Exercise is better for the brain:

Research says exercise works out the brain as well as the body. Likewise; the Chicago Tribune article about physical education states " exercise increases the development of BDNF(production of new cells) in the brain", which is crucial for older adults who loose these important cells in the brain when reaching older ages without exercise. Exercise sharpens the mind, since it benefits as much as the heart and other muscles in the body from physical education.
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Health is Important too:

Health issues also occur due to the fact that physical education is taken away in some schools. As an online Ted Talk by Paul Zientariski states, " Illinoise is the only state in the U.S. that provides physical education grades k-12." The physical education programs that are taken away from students in schools, are crucial for their learning being that it increases grades, behavior and attendance in schools. Taking away daily exercise in schools can lead to numerous problems that can limit the education of the students. Being active helps oxygen flow to the brain and help develop.

What about the military?

Lastly, military officials fear the U.S. army one day, as stated by Jennifer Coogan that "obesity and physical inability is a big factor in joining the army, because at least 27% of Americans ages 17-24 are overweight or unable to serve In the military due to junk food without exercise."(Coogan) Exercise can help solve these problems to help improve abilities to do some exercises and weight loss.
In conclusion, physical education and exercise is crucial so students, athletes and generally all Americans don't fall behind in education, physical ability and military power. Exercise has a lot of benefits to it and should not be over looked.