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This month we share information about the Office 365 transition, 21st Century Learners and Texas Success Resources for 3rd-8th grade students. We also highlight exciting things going on in Mrs. Hollingsworth's 5th grade classroom at Chisholm Ridge Elementary and share one of our favorite tech tools, Blabberize.

Office 365

WHEW ... we did it! Last week, our district transitioned from Live@edu to Office 365.
The most obvious changes are

If you are still having trouble accessing your email or want more information, please review the information on the EM-S ISD Tech Tips blog or submit a help request in Eduphoria.

What is 21st Century Learning?

One of the strategies in Aspire 2022 addresses 21st century learning. So ... what is 21st century learning?

21st century learning is student centered. Students must develop strong critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills in order to be successful in an increasingly fluid, interconnected, and complex world. The learner will master content while producing, synthesizing, and evaluating information from a wide variety of subjects and sources with an understanding of and respect for diverse cultures. Students demonstrate digital literacy as well as civic responsibility. Virtual tools and open-source software create borderless learning territories for students of all ages, anytime and anywhere. Learning will be “learner driven” and will access information via phones and computers on the internet and chatting with friends on social networking sites. Similarly, teachers will monitor and issue assignments via virtual classrooms.

Texas Success Resources (3rd-8th)

Texas SUCCESS provides state-funded access to interactive math and reading programs for Texas public school students in grades 3-8. Think Through Math is an online, interactive math program that includes live bilingual tutors to engage and assist students to strengthen their math skills. Istation Reading is an online reading program that includes engaging, interactive content in a game-like format. 3rd-8th grade teachers should have already received information about accounts for each program. Read more about Think Through Math and Istation here.

Classroom Showcase - Mrs. Hollingsworth's 5th Graders

5th grade students at Chisholm Ridge Elementary recently worked with their teacher, Gina Hollingsworth, and Instructional Technologists, Lisa Simmons, to create Paper Slide Videos during a PBL group project. Students worked collaboratively to organize, script, perform and record this video as their final presentation.

If you're interested in doing something like this with your students, contact your IT.

Check out the sample below. To see all of them, visit our SchoolTube channel.

Our Favorite Tech Tool ... Blabberize

Blabberize is a FREE, online tool that allows students (or anyone) to create a speaking picture. Just upload a photo of a person, place, or thing. Trace a "mouth" and record or upload video to make the photo speak. Your students can "blabberize" an important historical figure from the past, a famous scientist or mathematician explaining their theories, or they can even blab themselves reciting a poem or story they wrote.

Need a little more help? Read more about Blabberize here or watch a quick video tutorial.

Check out a few great Blabberize examples below.
Understanding: Blabberize - Arctic Animals
Analyzing: Blabberize Matter - Solid
Richard_Nixon Blabberize