Roland Smith

Synopsis of Peak

"Peak tells the story of a boy becoming a man. It begins in New York where Peak Marcello is caught by the police while climbing a skyscraper. He must live with his father who has flown in for the trial. This doesn’t seem so terrible, but his father is a professional rock/mountain climber and is currently climbing Mt. Everest. Through his struggles with the mountain and his father, he tries to complete his goal, which has never been achieved before – a 14-year-old on Everest.

Peak is born to be a climber: body type, mind set, and determination are all qualities that make the best candidate for summiting Everest.

He is opinionated but doesn’t always speak his mind ­because of his circumstances. He sees things differently from others and doesn’t relate well to others during the climb.

When Peak realizes that one of the people who monitors the climb brought his grandson because he is 14 too and trying to summit the mountain like Peak, he sees this as a challenge while other people see Sunjo, the grandson, as an inferior climber trying to sabotage the trip. Most of the climbers are either extremely rich or celebrities who just want to be able to say they climbed Everest.

Peak has to fight his body, his father, himself, and the mountain using sheer will power to summit. He is manipulated by his father whose climbing business is struggling. His father needs Peak to succeed because then his company will have put the youngest person ever on Everest. This is the spark needed to jump-start his business, but Peak doesn’t like that he is ­being used by his own father."(Elliot 1)

Why I am making a recommendation to read this book.

This is one of my favorite books of all time. While reading this book it did not only keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time but it also made me feel like I was right there in the story seeing everything happen. If you like books that are adventurous and action packed, then this is definitely a good book to read because, it is filled with action throughout the whole book. This book made me get on the edge of my seat while reading it because off all the things that happens during it, such as the suspense of wondering whether Peak will be able to get to the top of Everest or if he will fail.


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