Do's And DOn'ts Of Email 101

The Do's Of Email 101

The first most important thing is to make sure that you have the correct email on every contacts and you have their phone number.The second thing is to have the subject at the top of the screen where it says subject when typing your email.Third thing is to use proper greeting and ending.The fourth thing is to use the right email to send somebody. The fith thing is to fill in all the information to be able to send your email. 

The Don"ts Of Email 101

The first thing is never put the wrong email name in or send the wrong email to someone.The second thing is never say stuff that you wouldn't do in person. The third thing is dont put to much information at the end of the letter, it gets to confusing. The fourth thing is don't use bright color for your words ,also don"t use bold font so the reader cant read the email. The fith thing is never put text words on the email example: sup, u, txt,idk.