sports segregation

the benefits of sports segregation

my opinion( the right one)

Have you ever wondered what if would be like to be a girl on a boy’s sports team and become injured because of a male competitor? Well, this probably happens more than you would think. Also if it does happen then it will not be a minor injury because most boys are physically bigger, stronger and faster. This also means that boy and girls playing together may cause an unfair advantage to the male competitors. Therefore, boys and girls playing on the same team is a bad idea.

why I think this

Segregation of teams is a good idea mainly because of the levels danger that is produced when athletes of widely different strength and abilities play together. It is a fact that boys are faster stronger and bigger than the average girl and anyone who disagrees with this is incorrect. This means that’s potential injuries that could occur will be a major injury that could cause death and major hospital bills.

If the danger of having your daughter on a boy’s sports team makes you decide to keep your child on a girl’s team, what would you think of your daughter riding the bench all season because a boy is playing in her position? This would happen because if a girl can play on a boy’s sports team then a boy can play on a girl’s team. If you think this is unfair, than you are correct. If this continues a team that is meant for female players could eventually consist of all male players.