Ethics of Mars Colonization


Is it ethical to expose people to unknown levels of human isolation and physical danger?

My opinion on this, no it isn't right to expose a person to a unknown level of human isolation or physical danger. I believe this isn't right because they will most likely die from this. The radiation will eventually end up killing them. There shouldn't be any risks taking that is more valuable than a persons life. I read a paper online about this same question and another teen my age said pretty much the same thing I did. Nobody really knows what will happen to those people that go to mars. They could get physical body damage such as a leg falling off or an eye popping out. I don't think it's right!

Will these pioneers lack privacy for the rest of their life?

I believe that yes it is ethical for the people to watch the pioneers. I think it's right because we need to know how they die, or if they get sick what caused them to be sick. There would be no point into sending 100 people to mars and not seeing what is going on or how people are reacting living on mars. I looked up some reaches and a girl named Betty agreed with me. Her point came across as , how would we know rather or not there dead or alive? If they were to send people to mars the radiation will most likely kill them.

Is it ethical to conceive or birth a child in space or mars?

No I do not think it is right to have birth on Mars. That child did not ask to be born. I don't think a person should be able to give birth on a different planet that isn't Earth. The child could be born with many health defects because he or she is getting born into a planet that isn't really meant to live on. The radiation could kill the child as soon as it was born. I think all the volunteers should be sterilize before the mission. It wouldn't be fair for the child. I don't think there would even be anyone to protects the rights of the child. It just wouldn't be fair. I did research on the same question finding out that other people agree with me. That the child would be born into not such a great life.

How would sick colonists be cared for?

I don't think the sick colonists could be cared for. I think if they are sick and on the edge of dying then there's nothing they could do about it. They should have been told that they were not going to live a long life on mars. There are so many deadly side affects that could cause them to die. There wouldn't be resources that they could even go to, to seek help. I don't think there could be any way of helping them. I looked up some other peoples opinion and they all agreed with me. Most people said " There isn't anything someone could do to help a sick person on mars."

Pros and Cons

A. Pro, We could see how long a person could live on mars. Con, Most people will die from living on mars.

B. Pro, We could see what it looks like and how it is living on mars. Con, people living there wouldn't get any privacy.

C. Pro, Having kids will put more life on mars. Con, Those children didn't ask to be born, they would most likely have a horrible like.

D. Pro, People living on mars could create resources to help. Con, almost everyone can die of sickness.