Redhead sets flames of positivity!

An amazing person who helps the community.

Roxy Hamilton

Why does this teenage girl help out her community? Roxy never wants people to feel like they are left behind or insignificant. This young 16 year old girl has put her time, money, and effort into the community not only to help others but herself as well. There may not be many teens helping out but even Roxy, one girl can start to change the community. She was motivated by her parents because they are frequent travelers due to business. While she was never left alone because of her nanny, she always felt the absence of her parents. Roxy just doesn't want other kids to feel how she did.

How is she setting the flames?

Roxy dresses as her alter ego to give children a sense of heroism in ordinary people. She speaks with them, and allows them to share their stories with her. She has a soft spot for all children, but is especially sympathetic to children who come from broken homes, or whose parents aren't always around. However, children aren't the only people being doused in her flames. People of all ages, backgrounds and economic status feel her heat.

What Does She Have to Say About Her Heroism

We took some time to interview Roxy Hamilton, the teen who has been helping the community.

Roxy, at what age did you realize that you wanted to help people?

Well, I'd say I was around 13.

At such a young age, what were able to do exactly?

I would go and donate my old things, I'd help at the food kitchen's and things like that.

Do you think that if you weren't home alone so often, that you'd still want to do all the things that you do?

That's a good question. I would like to think that I would still do the things that I do now. I realized that in my heart I really wanted to do this because I have things that a lot of people don't have, so I guess I felt guilty about having too much.

Roxy Hamilton hopes to continue what she currently is doing in her future, because she loves helping her community. Roxy hopes to inspire other people and kids to help out and support there communities.