Friday Flash

Friday, February 21, 2014

Coming Up….

2/28, Day of Literacy

3/3 Pacific Boys Choir Performance: 1:00-1:30 K-2, 1:45-2:15 3-5

3/4 Instructional Rounds @ Glenview

3/6, Rescheduled Chinese New Year Lion Dance, 2pm

Appreciations to..

-Mrs. Salvatore for working on the Rainy Day recess schedule

-Ms. Smith for continuing to be a fabulous teacher in charge in my absence

-Ms. Lacey who is going to help roll out our PBIS March Madness Month

- Ms. Bowers for her flexibility as she has come into our school the last few months and supported our RSP students.

- Ms. Zika for her creativity in finding a space for herself in the school (the elevator room on the second floor!!!) to better serve her students

- Ms. McCarthy who not only manages to pull together our blooming musicians, also tolerates the disruption to her program when we steal the auditorium back from her

-Ms. Jacobsen for her talent and creativity to create (from what I"m seeing) a top quality drama experience at Glenview

-All of you for all of the ways in which you step up in small and big ways every single day to make our school the wonderful community it is!

Hearts: Social Emotional Learning

Lion Dance

Please note this has been rescheduled to 3/6 at 2pm on the yard.

Connect 4 Contest

Heroes will be having a Connect 4 contest for the older students during morning and lunch recess on Monday, February, 24th


There is kale and lettuce in the garden!

Please pinch off and eat it or take it home for a salad!


Academic Discussion

Have you made your partner talk chart?

Have you taught your students the sentence stems and frames that Tom rolled out at the staff meeting?

Save the Date- Science Fair!

Science Fair will be May 2nd. The PTA parents running the science fair will be coming to a staff meeting in April to discuss more.

P.D. This Week!

We will be discussing the ch, ch, ch changes and discuss the transition plans for Ms. Hogan & Ms. Patton. We will also get updates from our instructional teacher leaders.


Rainy Day AM & PM Recess Schedules

These will be in your box on Monday. Note that teachers need to plan to stay in their rooms during am/pm recess. Support staff will give everyone a break. Looks like a long awaited storm is coming in this week so please review the new school.

Network down on Tuesday evening!

As part of continuing efforts to upgrade our network and email experience the district is doing an upgrade this coming Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm. During this time, the network will be down.

After the upgrade, all staff email users will have a smoother experience when logging into OUSD email.

Breakfast- I think

I think that breakfast grab and go at recess starts this week…the proof will be in whether or not it's here on Monday!

Intent to Return/Grade Level Requests

I finally got this letter in your box on Friday afternoon. Sorry for the delay, it's been a busy week!