Foreign Policy- ISIS

Stephen Williams

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Who Is ISIS?

•The start of ISIS can be traced back to the Second Gulf War in 2003

•Led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was born in Iraq in 1971

•Used to be call ISIL or Islamic State of Iraq, ISIS added the second S for Syria

•Main goal is to establish a new Islamic caliphate across the Middle East

•A terrorist group that kills everyone who doesn’t worship Allah

Power Vacuum

•A power vacuum is a situation when a government has no identifiable central authority so people or different organizations rush in to try and take control

•ISIS was able to grow so big because they rushed in to take control of an area which had no leader so they gained a lot of followers

•A huge factor that led to them being so powerful was the Syrian civil war, which left Syria with no strong leadership

Interview with Mom

Me- What are your thoughts on the level of threat imposed on ISIS?

Mom- Sad and angry at the same time over ISIS’s hatred towards all non-Muslims.

Me- Are you Concerned?

Mom-Yes, very concerned.

Me- If so, how concerned should we be?

Mom- It’s no longer a matter of will it happen again but a matter of when. And it will happen again on American soil in our lifetime.

Interview with college friend

Me- What are your thoughts on the level of threat imposed on ISIS?

Friend- They impose a threat at a very high level.

Me- Are you Concerned?

Friend- Yes.

Me- If so, how concerned should we be?

Friend- We should be prepared for whatever they have in store for us.

My Thoughts

•If I was president my foreign policy would be to take out the leadership and stop the growth of this terrible organization. I would also close the borders to America and keep everyone that’s not American out.

•Yes I would be afraid of a domestic attack because ISIS has literally said they are planning on it, its just a matter of time.

•Yes I would send troops to the Middle East and as many as possible.

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