Cool Girls of Olympus- The Magazine

By Grace K.

The Wisest of Them All- Athena

Zeus had many wives besides his favorite and official one, Hera, and Metis was not an exception at all. Metis was a Titan, and was the oringinal Goddess of Wisdom. She was one of Zeus's first wives. Metis became pregnant, and was going to make Zeus a father. Then, Rhea, another titan who is concitered the mother of the gods, warned him that if Metis was to give birth to a son that it was going to overthrow him. Zeus, remembering how he overthrew his father, was scared and tricked Metis into becoming a fly. He then proceded to swallow her whole. He thought this would keep her from having the child, but he was wrong. Metis gave birth to Athena inside of Zeus. She then used her skills and talents to create a robe, helmet, and armor for the child. The banging from this caused Zeus to have a headache. He had no clue what was causing the headache. He only knew that it hurt, a lot. The headache then became so severe that He went to Hephaestus, his son, for help. Hephaesus used an Olympian wrench to split open his father's head. When Zeus's head was opened, out sprang Athena. Fully grown and dressed in her armor, ready for battle. Then Zeus's head snapped shut and Metis remained trapped inside.

A Battle of Wits- Meeting With Athena

Reporter- Hello Athena, it is very nice to meet with you this fine afternoon. Let's start of with a question that hopefully everyone knows the answer of. What are you the Goddess of, exactly?

Athena- I represent Wisdom and War Strategy. I also sometimes represent creative arts and literature.

Reporter- You got part of that from your mother. Am I right?

Athena- Yes, my mother, Metis, was the original Goddess of Wisdom.

Reporter- Are there any interesting nicknames you have?

Athena- Well, sometimes people spell my name with a "ne" instead of "na".

Reporter- Athene? Well, that IS interesting. Anyways, on to the next question. How are you at the arts? Such as, ballet, acting, the harp, other instruments, or writing stories.

Athena- I'm pretty good at most of those.

Reporter- Is there any chance you could show us some of these talents?

Athena- Not today, but maybe some other time.

Reporter- Aw, that's a bummer. So, what are some of your symbols?

Athena- One of them would be an owl. This is probably my most favorable symbol by mortals. Another would be the olive tree, because of when I gave the first one as a gift to the city now known as Athens.

Reporter- Speaking of Athens, what is the Parthenon, and what do you think of it?

Athena-It is a temple placed in Athens, Greece, and it was built to worship me. I think it is a nice temple, with that beautiful statue of me inside.

Reporter- So, do you have any brothers or sisters?

Athena- Well, yes and no. You see. While I was born my mother and I were in Zeus's head. When I got out, my mother remained trapped. So, I don't have any brothers or sisters with both of the same parents. However, Zeus and Hera had a couple of kids, and Zeus had some more kids with other wives, So I technically have many half-brothers and half-sisters.

Reporter- Well that makes it nice and clear! However you don't have any immortal children of your own.

Athena- I do not have any, nor do I have any plans ever to change that.

Reporter- Ha, ha, ha! So, how have you used your talents to help humans in the past.

Athena- I don't like to use fighting, unless it's the final resort. However this time I did help and I had this awesome idea of hiding men in a wooden horse and sneaking them in inside of it. This horse idea really helped. I think this happened during the Trojan war.

Reporter- Wow! That's an interesting idea. Anyways, there's these rumors that your Zeus's favorite child. Is this true?

Athena- Ha, ha, ha! As far as I can tell, yes.

Reporter- Are there any special weapons you use when you go into battle?

Athena- There is the Aegis Shield, given to me by Zeus. On it is the head of Medusa. So, when people look at it they turn to stone.

Reporter- So, did you slay Medusa to get the head?

Athena- No, she was slayed by Perseus. However, I did make her the way she was. She was once a Sea Nymph and one of the three Gorgon sisters. Actually, she was the most beautiful of the three with long beautiful blonde hair. She and Poseidon fell in love and brought that romance into my temple. I got made and turned her into the thing she was.

Reporter- So why did you Athens that olive tree.

Athena- Poseidon and I were competing for the city and I won with that gift.

Reporter- So, who are some of your friends?

Athena- Well one of my good friends is Nike, Goddess of Victory.

Reporter- Thank you so much for your time, Athena. it really has been a pleasure. Just one last question.

Athena- Okay, what is it

Reporter- How did you like this and do you enjoy reading our magazines?

Athena- Hmm, that's a tough one. Hmm. Just kidding! There's no question about it. Both ROCK, through the roof!


The Comaparison

  • They are both warriors who don't think fighting is wise. - Athena is the goddess of War Strategy, but doesn't think fighting is a good first resort. - The Doctor fights aliens and in the Gamma Forests his name means warrior, but he refuses to carry a gun and tries to just talk to his enemies first.
  • They are both god-ish. - Athena is a goddess to the ancient Greeks. - The Doctor is thought of as a god by many species ( and acts kind of like one without realizing it).
  • Neither is a true human. - Athena is human-like, but humans aren't immortal. - The Doctor is an alien from Gallifrey, is a time lord, and has two hearts (even if he looks entirely human).
  • Neither can die. - Athena is immortal, and therefore cannot die. - The Doctor regenerates when he is about to die and lives on. He can regenerate 13 timesper cycle and got another cycle from the time lords, and since he has regenerated into the 12th Doctor, starting the 2nd cycle, and is already over 1,000 years old, he will probably live for millions of years.
  • They are both very wise - Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom. - The Doctor knows just about everything about everything from any time.
  • They both have "powers" - Athena has her powers as a Goddess and the Aegis Shield. - The Doctor has his Sonic Screwdriver which can do just about anything. He also has the T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) which can take him and point in time and anywhere in the universe.

The Differences

  • Gender - Athena is female. - The Doctor is male (or at least has been so far).
  • Hearts - Athena has one heart. - The Doctor has two hearts.
  • Time Travel - Athena cannot travel through time. - The Doctor can time travel in the TARDIS.
  • Home Planet - Athena comes from Earth. - The Doctor hails from the planet of Gallifrey
  • Race/Group - Athena is an Olympian Goddess. - The Doctor is a Time Lord.

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