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Everybody has a horror story from a blind date they have gone for. So this blind date happened when my friends were desperately trying to hook me up with someone to help me come out of a shell after my boyfriend of many long years decided to move to another country. So he like to travel and a long-distance relationship would have been strenuous on both of us. So I go for this date on a Friday night at a nice Italian restaurant and believe me I was just there for the food, and I actually wished the guy would not turn up and I could just dig in and leave and never come back. But he did turn up, and one hour of complete boredom followed. He had skin tags on his neck which was extremely distracting, so every time he brought up something to talk about I would get distracted looking at his removing skin tags without pain. He kept asking me if I was alright, I was totally fine, but it were those get rid of your skin tags which were so distracting. Anyways all he had to talk about was work, something to do with statistics. He was actually not bad looking but seriously I hate blind dates, I hate going for dates altogether. It feels really nice when you are setting somebody else up and you feel like you are helping someone get over heartbreak by trying to make them find love again. But it’s not like I am that old either. Maybe taking some time out to live alone is a good thing. How to removing skin tags naturally. I can maybe take time to travel; now that will be ironic. Maybe this is a good time to focus more on work. Anyway I should be able to get through this, but during the meantime I don’t want to go for anymore blind dates. The chances of a blind date turning out well is so low, it is extremely low at least in my case. Did I mention it was also a waste of time to jump in to a relationship as soon as one had ended? It is completely alright to not want to jump into something serious or not serious with anyone. It is completely fine to take your time. And when anyone asks you if you are fine, just reply you are completely alright by yourself, just suck it up.