The 10 Amendments

Andrew Catteruccia!(:

1st Amendment

Freedom of Speech, Press, Assembly, Religion, Petition.

2nd Amendment

People have the right to have a gun.

3rd Amendment

Freedom form quartering soldiers.

4th Amendment

Freedom from unreasonable search and seizures.

5th Amendment

You get to have a trial by a Grand Jury, No Double Jeopardy, you do not have testify against yourself, the government must pay you fairly for your proper steps to take away my life, liberty or property.

6th Amendment

Right to a speedy and public trial & confront your accuser.

7th Amendment

Trial by Jury.

8th Amendment

No excessive fines & no cruel and unusual punishment.

9th Amendment

People have rights that are not mentioned in the Constitution.

10 Amendment

Powers not given to the federal government belong to the states.