Kindergarten News

September 23, 2016

Important Dates

Color Word Celebration Shirt Schedule (remember, this is completely optional):
Thursday, September 29th - Wear Green
Thursday, October 6th - Wear Orange
Thursday, October 13th - Wear Purple
Thursday, October 20th - Wear Brown
Thursday, October 27th - Red Ribbon Week (dress to be determined)
Thursday, November 3rd - Wear White
Thursday, November 10th - Wear Pink

Feedback Needed

Parents - We need your feedback!

Please take a moment to fill out the survey below to help us gain valuable information about The Morning Meeting. All information is anonymous and will only be used to help us better our practice. Thanks in advance for your help.

Apple Exploration!

We will be investigating apples next week using our 5 senses! Please help us by sending in just one apple of any kind. The more UNIQUE, the better!

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Kindergarten Homework

Read With Your Child & Listen to Your Child Read to You

Your child needs to spend 20 minutes with reading each night. This can include you reading to your child and your child reading to you. Once beginning-of-year assessments are complete we will be sending home Guided Reading Books. Please listen to your child read each Guided Reading book at least once (more, if needed) each night.

Please see the chart and link below for information about how vital this reading time is. It is absolutely essential.

Home Tips

Our Weekly Newsletter will include Home Tips - ideas you can work on at home each week. These are completely optional activities that you can do with your child at home.

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Here's What We Learned This Week!

Skills Block

This week we identified the name, the shape, and the sound for the letters Ii and Jj. So far we've worked on the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk, and Ll.

Letter Kk song

Letter Ll song

We practiced three more sight words: me, see, and yellow

Click here for a song to learn the word yellow

We worked on hearing individual words in sentences. We say one word for each word we see in writing.

We also practiced hearing rhymes.

Home Tip: Review the letters, sounds, and sight words we've introduced at home by creating simple flash cards. Be sure to never have more than 4 or 5 tricky cards in your deck at one time. Keep it fun, quick, and routine so that goals can be met and celebrated regularly!

Rhyme Time - Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read
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Readers Workshop

This week we continued to learn how to be "Storybook Readers"! We learned that if there are a lot of words on a page, then there's a lot of story to tell.

Throughout the week we practiced using "Story Language Words". These are transition words that help us connect the story all together (one day, then, finally).

We also learned that when you read a book over and over again you try to use some of the exact words from the book, When you read a book really well, you remember some of the exact words. Then you can find those words and point to and read them.

We are so excited to be growing as readers. Please help support this by reading with your child daily.

Writers Workshop

We continued to practice turning a moment from our lives - a personal story - into a detailed drawing. We visualized the event in our head, planned what we wanted to draw and write, and recorded that moment on our paper.

We learned that writers organize their writing by including a beginning, middle, and end.

We also practiced sharing our writing and receiving feedback from our classmates.

Finally, on Friday, we wrote about our favorite part of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

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Social Studies

This week we learned to identify the United States flag and the Texas flag. Also, we practiced our Pledges; the pledge to the Texas flag and the pledge to United States flag. We learned the vocabulary words Honor and Pledge. Honor means respect. A pledge is a promise to be loyal.

Home Tip:

Ask your child to practice reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Pledge to the Texas Flag. Click on the links below for videos to help with practice.

Preschool Pledge of Allegiance - LittleStoryBug
Texas Flag Pledge


This week we learned how to sort objects by a rule or attribute. We practiced sorting animal figurines by color (brown and not brown), number of legs (has two legs and does not have two legs), and covering (has fur and does not have fur). We practiced sorting by a rule with a partner and then on our own. We used buttons to sort between "has two holes" and "does not have two holes." We talked about lots of different ways things get sorted like by size, shape, and color. After some practice, we went to the Maker Space and created a sort all on our own. We stated a rule and sorted items accordingly. You can find our sorts in our Kindergarten hallway. We finished up Module 1, so please look for the Stepping Stones "Ideas for Home" sheet that is attached to your child's pre-test/ post-test.

Home Tips:

  • Encourage your child to sort their toys and other household objects. Hold an object and ask, "Which group does this belong to? how do you know?" Listen to your child explain their sorting rule (e.g., toys with wheels and toys with no wheels).
  • Once your child has sorted items into groups, ask questions such as, "Which group has the most?" and "Which group has the least?"
  • Ask your child to make groups to match your own. Say, "I have four plates. Can you make a group of cups with the same amount?"

Source: Stepping Stones Newsletter - Module 1

Click below for Stepping Stones Module 1 Parent Newsletters:




This week in science, we continued to explore our 5 senses with hearing and touching being the main focus of our lessons. We had a hearing test to try and guess if it was pennies, marbles, rice, salt, or water in different containers by shaking them. We also practiced listening to and identifying different sounds. To explore our sense of touch, we had a box with secret objects inside that students had to tell what it was by only feeling them. We had a lot of fun with these experiments and discovered how important our senses of hearing and touching are.

Don't forget to bring a unique apple next week for us to investigate using our 5 senses!

Learner Actions

We've been learning about the Actions of a Good Learner at School. We discuss these attributes often throughout the school day. Look for ways the people in your family are using the actions at home to learn something new or answer a question.

  • Listen - I am attentive with my eyes, ears, mind, and heart.
  • Think - I take time to problem solve on my own.
  • Wonder - I am curious and I want to know more.
  • Connect - I use what I already know to help me understand.
  • Persevere - I take risks and keep trying even when I feel challenged.
  • Collaborate - I learn with and through others.
  • Reflect - I look back on my learning to see where I have been, where I am, and decide what to do next.

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