April 2017


Did you know you can now pre-register with us before coming to the school to visit? This saves you time at the reception desk checking in and helps us prepare for our visitors each day.

We ask that you please pre-register before class parties, lunch or volunteering.

Below is the link to pre-register. Thank you for helping us keep our kids safe.



4 PTO Meeting 6:30-8:00

5 Spring Picture Day

6 Bus Evacuation Drills

11 Chicago’s Pizza/Redline PTO Fundraiser Night 5:00-8:00 PM

12 Chow with Cow Finals

12-14 Kindergarten Registration-online

13 Reach and Cluster Committee Meeting

17- May 5 ISTEP Multiple Choice (grades 3-5 only)

21 All Pro Dads 7:45- 8:30 AM

26 Midterm ends

27 Grading window closes

28 Midterms posted

28 KG Field Trip Indy Zoo

28 Family Game Night 6:00-7:30 PM


2 PTO Meeting 6:30-8:00

3-19 EOY Dibels

4 Fifth Grade Music Program 6:00 PM

8 Drills

9 5th gr field trip Symphony

10 Kindergarten Assessments

12 Kindergarten Assessments

17 Grading window opens

18 International Fair at Kitley Elementary 6:30pm-8:00pm (Folk Dance Club Performs)

22 Kindergarten (AM) and First Grade (PM) Awards Celebrations

23 Second (AM) and Third Grade (PM) Awards Celebrations

24 Fourth (AM) and Fifth Grade (PM) Awards Celebrations

25 Grading period ends

25 Last Student Day (pending no snow days)

26 All Grades posted & Verified

2017-2018 Kindergarten Registration

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Don't want to cook? Go eat at Chick Fil A on April 12th and help bring the challenge trophy to Acton! Share with all your friends and family!

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Come enjoy an evening of playing

games with other families, our PTO

and the Acton staff. The games are

fun and educational at the same time.

If you play a game your family likes, you

will be able to purchase that game with

50% of the proceeds going to our PTO.


with any questions.

Counselor Connection

Students of the Month for the Trait of Effort (March)

Congratulations to these students for showing their Tiger Trait of Effort in March. They received a certificate and a card for a special treat.


Emerine: Audrina Williams

Froning: Bode DeNeal

McMaster: Evynne Beaty


Miller: Logan Jackson

Gilkerson: Kierstin Bradford

Biswas: Gavin Galvez


Brooks: Jackson Baker

Krug: Dylan Sanders

Parsons: Alisia Bails


Simmons: Chase Roll

Benson: Jeremiyah Thomas

Jewell: Moses Stevenson


Beechler: Alivia Taylor

Rigsby: Gabrielle Wallisa

Reynolds: Collin Pollert


Neifert: Eric Eckstein

Leal: Emmanuel Mancia

Rebennack: Piper Bennett

RELATED ARTS Library (Ms. Vawter/Mrs. Thurston): Michael Thomas Art (Ms. Ryan): Robbie Brown Music (Mrs. Stevenson): Robert May Gym (Mrs. Adams): Ean VanGordon

Camp Kesem for kids dealing with parent's cancer

Camp Kesem is a nationwide, nonprofit organization that provides free summer camp and year-long support for children who have been affected by their parent's cancer. This could mean that their parent currently has cancer, has had cancer, or passed away due to the terrible disease. At Camp Kesem, our goal is to provide support for the children who have experienced adult-sized problems at a young age, while also giving them a fun escape and a chance to bond with other children facing the same experiences. Our camp is open to any child between the ages of 6-16 and is completely free of charge!

Visit our website at

Interested families can apply at this link:

Children and Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?

How much time does your child spend watching TV or movies, playing with a smartphone or computer, or enjoying video games? Although some screen time can be educational, it's easy to go overboard. Consider this guide to children and TV, including what you can do to keep your child's screen time in check. Read more:


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here are just a few reminders from transportation:

a. If a student misses their bus, they should NOT chase or follow the bus to board the bus at another stop. This is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury.

b. Please have students at their stops 5-10 minutes before their assigned time. Students should be waiting at their stops.

c. We do not give out bus passes. Students must ride their assigned bus and be dropped off or picked up at their assigned stop.

We will be conducting evacuation drills after Spring Break. Students will be given a situation and asked to evacuate the bus. These drills are required by DOE and conducted at each school. It is our goal to prepare your student and our staff members for the unexpected need to safely evacuate a school bus in the event of an emergency situation. This practice exercise will be handled professionally with the same attention to safety as a school fire drill.

Also, you might be interested in driving a school bus. We provide the training and pay you for 50 hours of that training. Once you have finished training and passed the test for your CDL license, we will have another driver, drive with you for at least 8 hours. We offer bus drivers health, vision, and dental insurance and retirement benefits. You would drive approximately 5.75 hours a day and have from around 9:00-1:45 to run errands in the middle of the day. Bus drivers start at $16.00 an hour. Call Jamie Caylor at 862-2314 if you have questions.

Clinic News

Reminder: No medications can be transported to or from school with students. If your child needs medication at school it needs to be brought to the clinic by a parent.

Thank you for your cooperation!

A reminder from the school nurse:

Parents, please inspect your child regularly for head lice during the remainder of the school year and also during the summer months. Lice spread from person to person by direct contact or by using another person’s personal items--comb and brush, hat, hair bows, coat, clothes, etc. Head lice are tiny and brownish in color and only live on the human head. They crawl rapidly, but do not fly or jump. The bugs deposit tiny white eggs (nits) on the hair shaft by using sticky “glue” so the eggs do not dislodge easily. Besides visualizing the bugs/eggs, the only symptom of head lice may be head scratching. Most lice-killing products do a good job killing the live lice but they likely do not kill all of the nits. The nits that survive the treatment may hatch and the process may begin again. The importance of egg removal and regular inspection is crucial to avoid reoccurrence. Lice may spread anywhere children gather, such as when playing “dress-up” at home, at ball games where children wear a common helmet/hat, at sleep-overs, on movie seats, at a club meeting (i.e. Girl Scouts etc.), and at day care centers and rarely, schools. Regular inspection of your child’s head enables you to identify a case earlier, resulting in faster eradication and quicker return to school. Please notify the school nurse if you would like more information, need assistance in identifying the louse, or to report that your student has head lice. As with any health condition, only parents may call the school with information about their child. Thanks for your vigilance in the months ahead.

2017-2018 Immunization Requirements

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Car Rider Procedures

If you drive your child to school in the morning, it is extremely important that you arrive before our 8:50 AM bell. Your car clock may be slightly different than our building clocks, but we must go by our standard time. If the cones are out and the back door is closed, cars must go back around to the front of the building, park and walk your child into the building. Students must be accompanied by and adult in order to be signed in. Students who arrive after 8:50 are considered tardy and must have a pass. We have to document every absent minute for state reports. Car rider pick up doors will remain open until 4:05pm on regular release days and 3:35pm on early release days. If you arrive after that your child will need to be picked up in the office.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Outside Food policy

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Information from page 4 of the FTCSC/Acton Handbook.


  • Just a reminder: School Board policy 5200 regarding appointments. – Parents are encouraged to schedule medical, dental, and other necessary appointments other than during school hours. When appointments are necessary during the school day, the student shall report back to school immediately after the appointment with a signed statement from the doctor, dentist, etc.


The next time you are here for a visit please make sure to check the lost and found rack outside the front office. Any items that are left will be donated to the SPARC center during our breaks (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).

PTO Update from PTO President Sarah Smith

  • Did you know Franklin Township School Board Meetings are open to the public? Increased parent participation is needed and the Franklin Township School Board needs your help in selecting the new Superintendent and forging a path for continued excellence in education.


Mark Your Calendar....

Music Dates

5/4 5th Grade Music Program, 6:00 in Gym

5/6 Folk Dance Festival

5/95th Grade Field Trip to ISO concert

5/18 – International Fair at Kitley Elementary 6:30pm-8:00pm (Folk Dance Club Performs)

What to know what is going on in music class? Follow us on Facebook!

Facebook: ActonElementaryMusic

International Fair

You’re Invited!

What: Kitley & Acton Elementary International Fair

When: Thursday, May 18, 2017 6:30pm-8:00pm in the Kitley Café

Are you interested in learning about other cultures?

Do you want to have an evening filled with learning and fun?


This year will be the 4th annual International Fair held at Kitley Elementary! Grab your passport and join us in exploring the different cultures represented by our Kitley and Acton families. Each country represented will have a table in the gym displaying art, clothing, food, pictures, instruments or music from that heritage. The Acton and Kitley Folk Dance clubs will be sharing dances from around the world throughout the evening. We hope you can join us for this free event filled with learning and fun!

Any family interested in hosting a booth to share their family culture to please contact Mandy Scherger at 803-5978.

summer camp opportunity

Love to sing, dance and perform theater? Then The Footlight Summer Theater camp might be for you. This summer campers will be performing “The Little Mermaid Jr.” The cost of this 2 week day camp is $150 per child with a limited number of scholarships available. Please visit the website for more information.

Jr. Rebel Theatre Camp

Jr. Rebel Theatre camp is returning to Roncalli High School. There are two camp sessions; June 5-June 29 – 9am-12noon and July 10-July 28 – 8:30am-12:30pm. Camps will give a performance at 2:00pm on the last day. Registration begins April 14th. Cost is $200 per student with a $50 sibling discount. For more information, please contact: Roncalli Performing Arts Center ticket office at 317-787-8277 ext. 249.

ICC Choral Fest

Do you love to sing? Then the Indianapolis Children’s Choir Choral Fest might be for you! The ICC Choral fest is a week-long summer day camp for students entering grades 1-8 who love music! Camp is 9-4 daily and held at Butler University. There are two weeks available; June 12-15, and July 17-21. Please call 317-940-9640 for more information. Or visit their website at -

Indy Air Bears Summer Workshop

Acton Career Day

On Friday, May 12th we will be hosting a Career Day at Acton Elementary. This event will take place in the gym during the Related Arts time for all students. We are looking for parent and community member volunteers to come and share about their career. Please read the information below and return the sign-up sheet if you are interested in being a part of this great day.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Prepare a display board (board will be provided for you) with information, pictures, charts etc.. about your career.
  • Dress they way you would when you go to work.
  • Bring in actual items related to your career (ie. Stethoscope, carpentry tools, color swatches etc…)

Our goal is for you to bring your career to “life” for our students! Volunteers do not need to have a speech prepared, students will be walking around asking questions. Please just be prepared to answer questions and share what you love about your career!

If you are interested in being a part of our Career Day, please fill out the form below and return it to Mr. Adams by Friday, April 14th. After receiving all forms we will send home display boards. We want to be able to share a wide range of professions with our students and may ask some parents to split the day or work together if we receive several volunteers within the same career. Thank you for your understanding.

Acton Elementary Career Day

Please return this portion of the form to Mr. Adams by Friday, April 14th.

I am interested in volunteering for the Acton Elementary Career Day on May 12th.

I am available:

_____ All Day (9:30-3:10) _____ AM only (9:30-12:00) _____ PM only (12:30-3:10)

_______________________________ ___________________________

Volunteer Name Volunteer Phone Number

________________________________ _________________________________

Career Acton Student & Teacher


  • Online payments through PayPams is convenient way to pay for your child's meals.


Please review a few important front office policies.

  • We do our best to keep classroom disruptions to a minimum. If your child forgets an item and you bring it in, please do not be offended if the front office asks for you to leave the item with them so it can be delivered at an appropriate time.
  • If there is a change in transportation for students at the end of the day, we must be notified by a Parent/Guardian before 3:00pm or we can not guarantee the change can be made.
  • If electronics (cell phones, ipods, gaming systems) are brought into school and removed from backpacks, they will be confiscated by the teacher. A parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the electronic at the front desk.
  • When having lunch with your student in the cafeteria please remember to only have your child sit with you at the family table. We like to keep the table open for other families.
  • Morning student drop off must be done in the car rider line. Drop off door opens at 8:35 am in the car rider line.
  • Students arriving after 8:50 am MUST be signed in at the front office.
  • Review the Franklin Township policies and procedures for absences on p. 2-3 in the student handbook. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • All visitors must have a photo ID to enter the building.
  • Just a reminder: School Board policy 5200 regarding appointments. – Parents are encouraged to schedule medical, dental, and other necessary appointments other than during school hours. When appointments are necessary during the school day, the student shall report back to school immediately after the appointment with a signed statement from the doctor, dentist, etc.