Kindergarten Happenings

Mrs. Vande Hei's Class (Week 4)

A Says What?

This past week, we worked on our letter Aa. We read books like, Ten Red Apples and Apples Up on Top. We learned two apple poems with motions and the kids LOVED saying them! Ask them about "Way Up High in the Apple Tree" and "Apple, Apple on the Tree." We spent time working on the correct formation of our "Aa" letters and we are getting excited for next week when we make applesauce! Thanks to all who have brought in apples!


In writing, we are continuing to work on stretching out our sounds that we hear in our words when we write our sentences. Coming up with an idea is fun, but then we have to write, write, write! We listened to our first V.I.P., Mrs. Vande Hei, and wrote a book for her about all of her favorite things. Next week, our V.I.P is Arthur. We are excited to learn all about him.


This week, our numbers focused on 4 and 5. We listened to our number song and continued our work in our math books. We completed an apple seed matching activity and measured the lengths of our bodies with apples. The students did a great job coming up with statements about their data! We also worked with number tiles for the first time this week! We will continue with this in upcoming weeks!


We have continued working with our senses and focused around apples and how our senses work at Howard. We also did an Apple Investigation using words the students came up with to describe their senses and how they work when apples are around them! We also compared objects with a scale to see what was heavier and what was lighter. This was very fun!

Daily 5

The students have been working on building their stamina and being independent with the daily 5. While I am working with groups, the students have responsibilities and tasks they need to complete at different literacy centers. We practiced all week at these centers because next week, we will start with our guided reading groups with the teacher. Be on the lookout for each child to be bringing home a book bag nightly.

Homework in Kindergarten?

YOU BET! You should enjoy reading nightly with your child. 20 minutes a night is what is recommended. Please help bring more vocabulary and the love of reading into your child's life!

Up Next?

We will wrap up our work with apples and move onto the letter Ff, fall, and fire safety.

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