By: Kiana and Noreen

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Hephaestuss' parents were the mighty Zeus and the fair Hera. After his father threw him off Mount Olympus he met his beutiful wife Aphrodite.
Hephestus was the god of smiths and flame. During his day he worked with his tools and created things man and godess has never seen before, robots. He made robots that would move on their own and speak.
Hephaestus is known for being thrown off a Mount Olympus by his father, Zeus. This caused his legs to become very weak and fragile.
Most people spell his name the latin way. The greek way to spell his name is Ἡφαιστος. Another name people use for Hephaestus is Vulcan.
Hephaestus is known for being the only ugly immortal.
Hephaestus designed Cupids arrows. Hephaestus also created the armor Achilles wore in the Trojan War.


Hozier, Work Song by Jenn-n