Truth behind Starbucks logo

Who is she really ?

What is the Starbucks logo ?

The Starbucks logo isn't just a picture of a enchanting women, its actually a Norse woodcut twin-tailed mermaid/siren. Many may wonder why they chose this as the face of their company, well the truth is because the owners wanted to capture the seafaring history of coffee, so they pored over old marine books and their she was there was something about her seductive mystery mixed with nautical theme it was exactly what the owners were looking for.

How they are connected ?

So the founders choose this Siren to be their logo because their company and the siren have a lot in common. The siren uses its seductive voice to lure sailors in, while Starbucks uses their delicous coffee to draw costumers in to buy more of their coffee and who wouldn't its irresitible.
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