Digital Citizenship Project

BreAnna C., Period 3

#1. Digital Etiquette

1. Be respectful to others...always: if you have something mean to say never say it online, always be kind.

#2 Information Privacy

.Be careful when you give our information out: ask a parent first before you give out your information

#3 social networking

never sign up for anything without permission: ask your parents before you do.

#4 online safety

be kind on the internet: your parents should know what you do on the internet

#5. Cyber Builing

Never bully especially online: realize that there is another person on the other side of the screen and that you could really affect them. ALWAYS be kind.
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#6. Plagiarism

You cant steal someone else ideas and work and call it yours: give credit to them if it is not your work and you are using it.

#7. Copyright

You cant just take anyone's pictures, songs, etc, without getting permission: you need to get permission to use whatever is theirs, first.

Why is digital citizenship important?

It is important because you could really affect someone if you are being mean to them online. Also when you go apply for a job they can see all the things you said to other people, like the things you said online. It can really affect the other person and yourself so just BE KIND!

Why is it necessary for everyone to understand and display positive digital Citizenship practices?

It is necessary so you completely understand why and how to be kind online. It really is a serious thing and is taken very seriously to the person on the other side, of the computer. If we do not practice this we may start to get mean online and then it might get out of hand. This is teaching us to be cautious of what you say online.