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Growing up there was a kid in my class that everyone referred to as: Mikey the Mouth Breather. Mikey was a great kid, he was smart, funny and athletic, but if you were playing hide and seek with this guy, his stuffed nose and heavy mouth breathing was a dead giveaway. You could find Mikey anywhere.

I hadn't thought about Mikey in years until yesterday morning, after I sleepily muttered "Good Morning" to my coworkers, I realized, to my horror," I'm Mikey the Mouth Breather!"

We've entered into the time of year where it is freezing in the morning but by noon you're contemplating cutting yourself out of your turtleneck for relief. The weather is constantly changing which either causes allergies to flare up or leads into a cold.

Immediately deciding that I didn't want to be a Mikey the Mouth Breather for the rest of the week, I began researching to find foods to eat that will alleviate my sinuses.

I found that foods rich in Vitamin A and C were the way to find some relief. Vitamin A protects the tissue lining your sinuses, and vitamin C keeps your immune system strong and may reduce swelling in your sinuses when taken with bioflavonoids, which are plant compounds.

Dietary sources of vitamin A include leafy green vegetables, orange and yellow vegetables, tomatoes, and fruits. You get vitamin C from fruits, especially citrus fruits, and vegetables. Vitamin E also keeps your immune system healthy, and zinc stops the growth of infectious viruses that can cause sinus problem.

After that I made sure to load up on my Vitamin A and C rich fruits and vegetables. I'm pleased to say that when I woke up today, I wasn't a Mikey Mouth Breather anymore, he was much better than I am at anyways. #FoodIsMedicine

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