Price's Press

November 14, 2014

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

This week's reporters are Sahana, Jacob, Brooke, Michael, and Breanna.
Our "Tweeter" for this week has been Ben. Please follow us on Twitter @Superb4thGrade.

News you can use!

This week the students have been working on their expository essays about our science unit. Each student is putting together a Wiki Project in Haiku. Not only will their essay be part of this presentation, so will the pictures and videos they took to document their learning. They will ready to share it with you at the end of next week.

Conley Culver’s Night

Monday, November 17th

4:00 pm-8:00 pm

Culver’s of Huntley-Route 47

Please come and join us to support our school!

Visit with Conley teachers and friends while raising money to buy books for our

library and classrooms.

I will be working from 5-6 so please come for some dinner.

Conferences are November 24 and 25. If you have not already done so please consider filling out the Google document found on the link below. Your answers will help me plan each conference.


For all the parents out there who want to hear what we do during literacy. Everybody got there books and sat down and read very quietly .Everybody writes and focuses on what they need to do. For there directions. They use there time wisely. Talk a little bit to ask questions.- from Brooke


This week in Mrs .Price's math class we learned about partial quotients algorithm on. Mrs.Price taught partial quotients very well . Mrs.Price taught us how to divide with Decimals. It was really fun! We learned about what we would do with the remainder at these times. On Friday we we did a math box. We also cut out some cards for the math games we would play in the future. The full week for math was awesome. Math was a blast.

Science/Social Studies

In social studies on Monday we reviewed The ant and the grasshopper. We spotted some important words and talked about them. We also wrote down the definition of savings. On Tuesday we didn't have social studies because we did science .
On Wednesday we wrote down the definition of interest and talked about the meaning. We wrote down the meaning in our social studies notebooks. On Thursday we did a today's meet on our tablets. The question was when have you used opportunity cost? We also talked about opportunity cost. On Friday we had a substitute so she read us a book called Alexander who used to be rich last Sunday. I saw some opportunity cost during the story. She read it to us to teach us about saving and spending.


On Tuesday we were learning about Miles Davis. We also listened to music that he wrote. It's quite interesting music. We got papers for us to draw when the music was on.
On Friday we listened to poems. Then we listened to music of the poems.


In art we are doing our landscape drawings. It is a lot of fun. We have to have three designs in the sky, trees, and the grass. Some people are finishing up drawing their designs while half the class is outlining their drawing with Sharpie. Some people are starting to paint like me. The landscape drawings are a lot of fun, and I can't wait until I start painting! : )


On Monday we were practicing long rope. On Tuesday we started with long rope except entering through the front and back door. On Wednesday we started basic jump rope and a few tricks. On Thursday we did more tricks that were a little bit hard. And on Friday we did even harder tricks like the twister.