Chores infogragh

By: Emme Pruefer

Do you have chores?

14/17 people said yes
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How many times a week do you do chores

7/15 said every day
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what chores do you have

9/17 has to do the dishes

7/17 said clean room

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What is your least favorite chore?

6/11 said doing the dishes
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what is your favorite or least hated chore?

5/14 say folding laundry

3/14 say cleaning there room

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Do you get an allowance?

9/15 said no
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He much money do you get?

3/8 said $20 a month

2/8 said no

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Do your parents have to to after you are done?

10/15 said no
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Do you like to do chores?

11/15 said no
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Do you have siblings help you or do you not have siblings?

6/15 say yes

4/15 say no siblings

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