Back to School Night was a success. I can't tell you the number of parents that I spoke with and received emails from that complimented the professionalism and caring nature you exhibited. Back to School Night was your opportunity to make a first impression on the parents of the students you will have all year, and you made a great impression. Once again great job everyone.

Week at a Glance

  • Math Meeting- 9/22
  • 6th Grade Fire Prevention Assembly 9/23 @ 8:10am
  • 5th Grade Fire Prevention Assembly 9/23 @ 9:10am
  • Admin/Team Meetings- check handbook for meeting time (Location: Conf. Room)- 9/24
  • School Closed- 9/25
  • Emergency Sub Plans due- 9/26

Dress Down Monday

Message from Mrs. Flamini:

Thanks to everyone who has donated toward TEAM ELF and more importantly toward a cure for MS. Don't forget, your donation also means you can dress down on Monday!

And for anyone who has not yet donated, it is not too late! We will collect through Monday! Come casual, and stop by with your donation! We will be pedaling to the shore on Saturday, September 27th

Come Cheer Us On!

Our Staff Keeps Growing

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Aryelle Binder as the newest edition to our staff. Aryelle is the final piece that will complete Team Courage. She is going to teach language arts and science and will be the partnered with Mr. Bozarth. She will begin her duties this Monday. When you get a chance stop by A207 to welcome her. Special thanks to Ms. Kim Zeigler for all of her help in filling in while we went through the interview process.

PowerSchool Bulletin

Please make sure that you are projecting the Powerschool Bulletin every morning during homeroom. We are limiting the number of announcement we are making in the morning. After school club supervisors are reminded that they should supply the main office with a copy of the club schedule so that Debbie Flamini can add your information to the morning bulletin.

Late Bus Count

Homeroom Teachers:

EVERY Tuesday and Thursday:


It is essential EVERYONE do so in order for the office staff to have an accurate number to give to Transportation.

Rob Wachter has stressed we must give an accurate number.

Please follow these simple directions:

Log on to PowerSchool as usual for morning attendance:

  • After completing your attendance ask for a show of hands of any student planning to take the late bus
  • Click the knife and fork symbol next to Homeroom
  • In the top left hand column next to the word "Alternate" type in the number of students staying for the late bus
  • Click SUBMIT

In the event you forget to obtain a headcount, you will be asked to track down your homeroom students for that information. Yes, it is that important!

ALSO – In order for us to know you have completed this task, you must enter at least ONE student. So, if there are NO STUDENTS in your homeroom staying for the late bus, please type in the number 1 and click submit.

Please Read

Please make sure you are reading all emails from the main office very carefully. We are getting a number of questions that could have easily been answered if the email was read carefully.

Lesson Plans

If you have not already done so, please begin to put your lesson plans in the lesson plan folder created for you on the server. We will begin the review process this week.

Emergency Sub Plans

3-day emergency sub plans are due to the main office by Friday 9/26.

Blue Folder- The plans that are in your blue folder are for your planned absence. Keep this folder on your desk. It provides the sub with information about your students, bell schedule, seating charts, etc. If you have already placed your folder in the box outside my office you can take it back. I have placed new folders in the mail boxes of all new staff members.

3-day sub plans- are used in the event of an emergency absence or lateness. Student work for three days are kept in this folder. Please come down to file these plans behind the counter in the drawer marked "Sub Plans". You do not need to submit them to me for approval. I trust that you will have three days worth of work in your folder.


Please continue to work on your SGO'S. They are due on 10/15.

Cafeteria Dismissal

We are still having issues with teachers not walking their students to and from the cafeteria. We have observed students being released without an adult walking with them. Students are running and creating a lot of noise as they walk past the STEM and Financial Literacy class rooms and through the music suite. There is also a traffic jam as one grade level enters the cafeteria while the other one exits. This could be alleviated if we have adults in the area to control the traffic flow. We need all teachers to accompany their students to and from the cafeteria. Tracy and I will speaking to teachers individually if we continue to see students enter and leave the cafeteria without their teacher.

Copy Machines

The copy machines have historically had maintenance problems. In an effort to lessen these issues we are looking into having a representative from the company come in to do a staff training on how to use the machines. There are preventive measures that can be taken to minimize the maintenance issues:

  • Jobs totaling 100+ sheets of paper should go to DDC
  • Prepare ahead and use DDC whenever possible
  • Do not use printers like a copy machine. Limit one copy to a printer, then run off as needed on a copier
  • Do not allow students to print to the library printer

Calling all Presenters!!

After meeting with some of our new staff at a B4 4 meeting last week, they expressed a need for ActivBoard training. I am asking for anyone that would like to train staff members on the use of the ActivBoard to send me an email. I'm looking for staffulty members to present on the basics of ActivBoard use and the means in which the ActivBoard can be integrated within instruction. Once I have a list of presenters, I will start a Google Doc in which presenters can list the topic they would like to present to our new staff. Presenters will be given PD certificates for 1 hour and can be used towards McRel.

Gold Star

The staff members that attended the B4 4 meeting last week would like to express their thanks for all of the warmth and care they have received thus far. They are really appreciative of everything you are doing for them.

Study Island

I have not yet renewed Hartford's Study Island license. It is a very expensive service. Please click the button below to take a short survey on your usage of Study Island to help me determine if it is worth the expense.
Study Island Survey

Please take this short survey about your usage of Study Island.

Have a Great Weekend!