Benson and Stabler

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You say, I can't take two, I work too much to give these guys the attention they need, but you would be wrong! Benson & Stabler are two cats, yes, that's more than one, but the beauty of having two is that they will entertain each other! They will love you, especially when you give them a can of food, but if you need to head out, it's all good. These guys are affectionate, friendly and gentle, and they want to be near you, but not on you. They are active, definitely not couch potatoes, and love to play and explore. Two-year old Benson, female, all black, meatball, loves to jump up and meet your hand to be pet and likes being picked up. Four-year old Stabler, male, huge, solid, gorgeous tuxedo, likes chin scratches and belly rubs. They are very good with scratching posts and with litter box usage and both love laying around on the cat tree. Both are altered (notice the ear tip!), not sure if they're related, but they were found together and they love each other. Up for adoption through BARCS, microchipped, up-to-date on shots, ready to go.