What's more important?

By: Shree Joshi and Maddie Walter

Main Characters


We are introduced to Annie's typical life style and what's important to her. To summarize this paragraph, Annie is a typical 15 year old girl who is mainly focused on God, her family, and her education.

Annie Walker

We slip into Annie's perspective and her views on life, in contrary to the first paragraph she has second thoughts on everything and starts to drift into lower self esteem. Although she pushes these thoughts away and continues on.

Brooklyn Pierce

In this paragraph we are introduced to Brooklyn Pierce, the stunning new girl in town. Brooklyn has just arrived and has taken her rightful place as Queen of the school. Annie realized this could be her chance to get her name out there after the principled volunteered her to guide Brooklyn around the school.

A chance to be popular

Brooklyn and Annie became good friends over the next few weeks. Annie had finally gotten the chance to be a cool kid when Brooklyn invited her to a sleepover. There was only one slight problem. The sleepover was on a Saturday which means it was going to interfere with Church the next morning. Annie chose Brooklyn over Church!

The Sleepover

Brooklyn's house was giant and looked liked a palace. Once Annie walked into Brooklyn's bedroom she noticed 10 small beds with a nametag above each. The smaller beds surrounded one big bed which Annie figured was Brooklyn's bed. The girls had a great night with watching movies, painting each other's nails, and staying up till 3 am. Annie didn't even have Church on her mind.

A change

Brooklyn had completely changed Annie's 1990's wardrobe to clothes that were actually in style. Annie was no longer a nobody, she was known around the school as Brooklyn Pierce's sidekick. Annie had no time for Church anymore because she was piled down with all her new friends. Brooklyn had a plan to sneak out with Annie while there was no one home. What had gotten into Annie, or should I say who?

Her true colors

Brooklyn's attitude began to change for the worst. Annie figured if she wanted to be the girl everyone wanted to hangout with, then her attitude would have to match that of Brooklyn's. The real popular part of the girls came out, the snobbier part. Whenever a smart remark came out from Brooklyn's mouth, Annie only laughed and went along with it. She was not the kind girl she had been before she started choosing her friends over her family and God.

The plan

As Annie awoke she noticed that Brooklyn was already awake, and it seemed that she was waiting for Annie to wake up. Brooklyn motioned for Annie to follow her into a huge closet. She had the greatest idea to TP one of their teachers houses. Both of the girls agreed on doing it together. Annie warned her that it would be quite difficult to sneak past her parents with piles of toilet paper, even if they were hidden inside a bag. She had never been punished before, but she had a feeling she was about to know exactly what it was like.

The truth unfolds

Brooklyn had planned to toilet paper their teacher's house the next day. Before Annie could slip out the door, her mother stopped her in her tracks. She had spilt the beans and ended up getting grounded for 3 months. Her mother and father cared little for Brooklyn for she had changed there sweet daughter into a caked face mess. And the worst thing she had done to Annie was pull her away from what really mattered, God!