START K-12 Intensive Training

Module 3: PBIS for Students with Autism

We had another great two days of learning around supporting students with autism. There were over 200 participants with teams from Oakland county and other areas of the state including a live stream to participants in the Upper Peninsula!

Module Key Concepts:

  • The rationale for change
  • Paraprofessional support
  • Behavioral science
  • Universal supports including antecedent based interventions
  • Functional communication and visual supports
  • Behavioral response scripts and implementation fidelity
  • Data collection.

PBIS Module Handouts

A Discussion About ABA and School Services...

There was interest shown from participants regarding students' accessing ABA outside of the school setting and limited attendance at school. Some participants shared that they have students in ABA four full days a week and only attend school once per week. START presenter, Kelly Rogers, shared the above power point "More is More, Not Either Or" regarding understanding and collaborating across entitlements for students with ASD. ABA services are meant to supplement a students' school day, not supplant the school day (access to FAPE).


START Website- valuable resources and information for educators and families

National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders-free professional resources for educators who work with individuals with Autism.

AFIRM Modules- FREE online professional learning for each of the 27 evidence-based practices for students with Autism.

MDE Family Matters- help sheets for families and educators from the MDE with information regarding LRE, IDEA, IEP Process and more. Help sheets are available in English, Spanish and Arabic.

SLP Resource- link to social/emotional skill sharing site.

Amazing Things Happen- link to a GREAT video about autism awareness!

Sexuality Across the Lifespan- link to resources for schools and families regarding teaching about puberty and sexuality.

Upcoming Modules

  • 1/9-1/10/2019 - Module 4: Educational Supports and Strategies for Students with ASD
  • 2/5-2/6/2019 - Module 5: Peer to Peer Supports for Students with ASD
  • 3/6-3/7/2019 - Module 6: IEP Development and Implementation for Students with ASD
  • 5/9/2019 - Module 7: Transition Planning for Students with ASD

Administrator's Module (Principals, Supervisors, Directors)

Thursday, March 21


*with an optional afternoon session