Gator Gazette

Central Park Elementary November 2021

From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Thank you for supporting your child and his/her teacher by attending our first parent/teacher conferences this school year. Our students are working diligently to master first semester’s learning objectives. Teachers and parents should take much pride and credit for the success the students are experiencing. It’s remarkable to see the progress they make each and every day.

As we approach the Thanksgiving season we want you to know that we are thankful for the opportunity to work with you and most importantly, your children!

Warmest Regards,

Karrie Bradshaw

Allison Smith



Tuesday, November 9th- Choose Love (activities on the Bentonville square 5-7pm)

Friday, November 12th- Wild about CPE (wear animal print or camouflage)

Monday, November 15th- Celebrating World Diabetes Day (wear blue)

Activity Classes


Hello Everyone!!

This month we will be reading books with the following themes: Gratitude, Veteran’s Day, and Arkansas Diamond Nominee books.

Thank you so much for your support during our book fair last month. Because of your generosity we will be able to purchase more books for the library. We will also have another book fair in the library during the spring.

Don’t forget about The Central Park Little Free Library located on the sidewalk in front of the school. It is always open to stop by and get a new book or leave a book for another friend to read.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Hedstrom and Mrs. Jackson

Music: I have had a wonderful time learning about beat, rhythm, meter, ostinatos, and a variety of music symbols with your children this month. In addition, we have had a blast performing dances, playing singing games, and working with a few musical instruments

We are beginning to move into my favorite time of year. The Holidays! Woohoo! I could listen to Christmas music every day of the year. The 3rd grade students at CPE will present a Winter Concert for Family and Friends Thursday, December 16 at 6 p.m. in the CPE Cafetorium. Please mark your calendar and get ready to enjoy some fun Holiday hits!

Our character word for the month is Contentment and the animal is the Koala. There is also a musical video which accompanies this word. We will viewing the video during class and having a discussion on why it’s important to be content and whether or not they feel being content is easy or difficult, especially at this time of year. If you would like to listen to the song and follow-up your child at home, please click on the icon to the right!

Have a wonderful November and enjoy the cooler weather! Yahoo!!!

PE: In PE this month we will be learning how to jump rope successfully and do jump rope tricks. Students will be able to identify how cardiovascular activities impact our bodies. Students will also be able to choose the correct size jump rope for their body size.

We will also discuss the importance of good nutrition for the overall health of our bodies. Students will discuss what is a healthy food you might eat at a holiday dinner? Students will be able to recognize the “good health balance” of good nutrition with physical activity.

Global Connections: This month in Global Connections! We finally have our Passport and we have begun to travel our wonderful Continent. This past month we learned so much about it. We learned that we have 23 countries and we flew to Mexico!

This month we are traveling to the United States and Canada. We will be finishing up our travels in a different continent. South America!

Big picture

From the Counselors

Counselor Corner

Mrs. Amanda Williams & Mrs. Ammie Burrow


Contentment means learning to be okay with what you have.



  • What does it feel like to be okay with what you have? How would you act, think and behave if you were content? How would you act, think and behave if you were NOT content?

  • Can you think of some people that you know who are content with what they have? Also, can you think of others who are discontent? How can you tell they are contented or filled with discontent?


  • When is the last time you really wanted something you didn’t have? How did that make you feel?

  • Are there people that you have come across in your life who were content? What are the characteristics of contented people? What are some characteristics of people who are not okay with what they have?


To be content is to learn to be okay with what you have. There are several things that contented people do regularly to remain okay with what they have. These include spending their money on experiences rather than things, spending more time outdoors, and exercising consistently. They also spend time with friends and family who are also okay with what they have and therefore content. The Adventure Challenge Family Edition is a book that challenges families to enjoy fun experiences together. Examples, include cooking together, playing baseball with fruit, going on an adventure in the backyard, etc. The challenges don’t require anything elaborate or extra to do. Everything can be done with everyday items that can be found around the house.


Select a few days this month to venture out as a family and do things together. For example, you could go on a picnic to your local park, hike some trails, pitch a tent in the backyard and camp out together, or simply get outside and walk the dogs together. Taking time to slow down and spend time together will be time well spent and will allow you to be content with what you already have.


Kids will grow up to have a better future when three things happen:

  • They make wise choices.

  • They build strong relationships.

  • They maximize their potential.

As parents, each age is a new opportunity to help develop these skills every month by having conversations about the Big Ideas learned at school. How does the Big Idea of cooperation, for example, relate to getting along with siblings? Or prepare kids for college or a career?

So don’t miss it. Conversations- both simple and meaningful-have a significant impact on the development of your kids’ current and future selves.

In Guidance Lessons this month we will be talking about Personal safety.

Topics include:

  • Checking first with the adult in charge before going anywhere with anyone.

  • Identify five trusted adults who make up their safety net. We ask children to name five adults in case the first person isn’t helpful or a safety net adult asks them to break a rule.

  • Listening to their “uh-oh” feeling

  • Saying “no” to anyone asking them to break a safety rule-even if students freeze or are too scared to say not, it still isn’t the child’s fault and they can still tell one of their five trusted adults.

  • We talk about touches-understanding that no touch should ever be a secret.


Central Park Elementary Student Council members for third and fourth grade are being chosen based on Gator character qualities in our learner profiles.

  • Student of Integrity

  • Quality Producer

  • Problem Solver

  • Effective Communicator

  • Caring Citizen

  • Community Contributor

  • Knowledge Seeker.