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Update on new books & lessons for January

Here's a highlight of some special new titles in picture books that highlight key SOL concepts in math and economics:

A great introduction to supply and demand. The price of hats goes down when no one wants hats; the price goes up when the demand goes up. It also shows how advertising makes us want to buy things we don't need. And it is still geared to K-1!

Which is worth more, jewels or cats? Doesn't it depend on which one you want more or which one is harder to find? Great lesson on the value of products...

Not only does this book talk about why it might not be a great idea to open a lemonade stand in the winter, it also introduces the idea of profit and loss while helping students to learn to count coins.

If you want to buy things, you need money. If you need money, you need to get a job. If you have a job, you need to do a good job or you will get fired. All this in an entertaining wordless picture book...

This book captures the idea of a single moment of time. Lots of things take place in the world at the same time. Another hard concept for students to grasp.

Great book for sorting and finding things that are alike and that are different. I think I am going to be using this book for a library lesson... It makes teaching easy.

I just thought you might like a highlight of these new exciting titles to use in your classroom...

For now, they are located on the bookcase by the front rug. Feel free to check them out anytime. Just put your name and book number on the pad by the computer! Please use the library resources - they are here for you to use in the classroom and not just for student check-out!

If you need more titles on any subject, just send me a list or stop by and I will see what I can do!