Reducing violence in schools

Group 10: Mariah's Backup Singers

Our Goal:

We will reduce violence in schools by advocating for more mental health services in schools. We will make a documentary video and write letters to the local superintendents.

Steps to provide our group feedback:

1. Go to

2. Type in (31 11 70)

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Reducing Violence in Schools

Over the past week at iengage, we have been learning about violence in schools across America. In the wake of recent school shootings, we want to find a solution to give students peace of mind that they are safe in their schools. The recommended ratio of counselors to students is 1 to 250, but the average in America is 1 to 482. In fact, only three states in the country have the recommended ratio of 1 to 250, and in those states, there is significantly less school violence than the rest of America. This suggests that the more counselors there are in a school, the less violence takes place in that school.


- 1 out of 5 kids are affected by mental illness

- 70% of youth in state justice systems have a mental illness

- 80% of kids who need counseling don't get it.

- Suicide is the third leading cause of death in youth ages 10 - 24
Our letter to the Midway Superintendent:
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