An Interview With Mrs. Boyd

Kaitlyn Murry

Mrs. Boyd's Education

Mrs. Boyd received her Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University. She was a teacher at Elsehower Middle School teaching 5th and 6th grade Language Arts. Mrs. Boyd had been teaching for 3 years.

Becoming A Treacher

Mrs. Boyd says "The biggest challenges of being a teacher is having students that aren't wanting to learn and not being able to inspire a student. The biggest reward of being a teacher is teaching the students that know they have potential and has a love of learning because of great teaching."
As an english teacher Mrs. Boyd's every day schedule was very time consuming. She was up early in the morning preparing for her students. She then teaches and cares for her students all day. After school she grades paper into late at night and on weekends. Some tips she gives us is to be on our "A" game all day and treat your students so they could feel comfortable to ask for help and guidence
Mrs. Boyd puts in about 50 hours per week if not more. The motivation she needed to accomplish the tasks as a teacher was 80% percent out of 100%.
Duties that you are asked to doe are prepare lessons, instruct classes with about 30 students,and maintain a learning atmosphere. A duty that is not expected of you is dealing with all the scocial problems of all your other students
Mrs. Boyd gives us advice for those who are interested in becoming a teacher. She says "It is important to love your children. The love of learning is also essential to be an effective teacher. Teaching is something one would persue due to a passion and drive to influence the lives of others."