What did independence mean for Singapore?

They felt shocked and disappointed because most of the people supports Mr Lee's idea of merging with Malaysia at that time.

The changes/problems that Singapore went through after Independence

The building of Changi airport was opened in 1981. At that time, the purpose of building it was to attract investors through a more sufficient way to enter and leave the country which also leads to growth of tourism.

Singapore also faced challenges of upgrading industries to higher-technologies in order to compete with its neighbours which were selling the same things at a lower price.

One of the most major issues at that time was Singapore's defense. After Independence, the British were still defending Singapore but has announced that they would be withdrawing by 1971. Without British defense after 1971, Singapore would be defenseless thus this became a major issue to Singapore.

There was a lack of good quality housing during that time which leads to the case of a fire broke out at Bukit Ho Swee Squatter Fire that broke out in 1961.
The Housing Development Board promote public housing. New towns were built with even higher and better qualites.
The government of Singapore underwent several changes. In 1984, up to three losing opposition parties candidates be appointed as MPs.

The system has been defended by the PAP because the system encourages representation of the minority races by requiring a minority candidate in group representation constituencies which however increases the difficulty of the opposition parties being able to gain a seat.