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9-25-2015, Level Creek Elementary School, 4th grade

Friday folders......

Please remember to review, sign, and return graded papers, and the Friday folders on Monday. We will be completing our group, phone, and email conferences next week. Thank you to everyone who cam e to see already. We enjoyed sharing your child's progress with you. It takes all of us to help your child succeed.

PAY SCHOOL FEES..field trips, agendas, and books

Mypaymentplus: Please remember to pay school fees such as StoryWorks, Wordly Wise, Agenda, Newspaper, and Field Trips. We are receiving expense reports each week that shows who has paid their fees. We will be sending home individual reminders soon to our friends who still need to pay. Let us know if their is a family hardship or situation as to why the fees can not be paid. Without these funds we can not provide our students with Colonial Day and the high tech high touch science experiences this year. If you can not find them on the payment site, let us know and you can send a check. Thanks!


Many students are still struggling with their multiplication facts. Remember only the highest computation scores will count at the end of the 9 weeks so there is still time to improve. We are starting multi-digit multiplication next week so the students must know these math facts fluently.


We will continue to use TenMarks this week. Look for a new assignment by Wednesday on your student's account. If they do not not score a passing overall grade on that weekly assignment, it will be reassigned to them to try again. Each assignment is paired with video tutorials and other hints. Please remember that the items assigned will always be lessons/topics we have already covered in class.

The link to Tenmarks is on the front page of our eClass site above the class calendar.

Curriculum Night Information

All Curriculum Night presentations are linked on our website.

The invitation to join our Quizlet account can also be located on our website. Study

Next Week's Important Events

You can find a homeroom special's schedule on our class website.

This week: Sept-28th- Oct 2...Start studying for Explorers and Weather

Monday Day 5,

Tuesday Day 6,

Wednesday Day 1 (PE)

Thursday Day 2

Friday Day 3, Mentor Sentence Quiz, TenMarks work due, Science Interim

Next week: Oct. 5th-Oct. 9th

Monday Day 4, Social Studies Interim

Tuesday Day 5 Explorer Test, Weather Observation Chart Due

Wednesday Day 6 LA Interim

Thursday Day 1 Weather Test, Wordly Wise Test

Friday Day 2 Math Interim, Mentor Sentence Quiz

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