Sunset Valley Elementary 04.03.2020


Online Learning Structures

The district is continually evaluating and reflecting on how to best support families during this time of virtual learning. We realize that one of the online learning platforms, Schoology, has been experiencing difficulty handling the abundance of simultaneous amount of users. Thank you for your patience as we navigate during this time.

Here are a few tips to support successful virtual learning at home.

  • Consider creating a designated "space" for your child to do their work each day. This DOES NOT necessarily mean a table and chair. We love flexible seating and children should be able to choose a place which is comfortable AND allows them to be productive.
  • Consider establishing a designated "time" for your child to do their work each day. As educators, we know that children thrive with routines (even if they fight you on it in the beginning!). Routines provide comfort and security in knowing what's coming next. With the current overload of uncertainty, kids need routines now more than ever!
  • In general, we are most likely providing you with MORE activities and learning than you actually need. Please don't feel like your child has to do them all. We also strongly believe in student Voice & Choice! Consider allowing your child the opportunity to choose which activities they wish to do and in which order. If they want to focus more of their time on the P.E., Music or Art activities, that's okay! If they'd like to dig into some of the enrichment activities, go for it! It's more important that their learning is continuing and they continue to love learning! In short, we prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY!


4/10 and 4/13 No Online Learning

4/26 School Scheduled to Resume


Click here to access a document from Mrs. Mahurin, SVE School Counselor. In this document you will find helpful information about services, supports, and resources available to you and your family during this time of virtual learning.
Click Here for LSR7 Virtual Learning Resources

Resources from LSR7 to support students and parents with e-Learning

Having Chromebook Struggles?

Troubleshooting and tips for Chromebook devices

Need Internet Access?

We know that virtual learning can't take place without internet access. If you have limited or no internet access at home, consider these many options.


As you know, we've been using Schoology all year long as our primary e-learning platform for students. Teachers use Schoology to regularly communicate with families as well as for daily instruction with students. Now, more than ever, Schoology has become a critical part of the work we do. It is imperative, then, that ALL of our families have access to the platform. If you are new to SVE or just haven't had a chance to sign up yet, please do so today.

Click HERE for detailed directions on how to sign up for Schoology as well as information about how to navigate the system. Please reach out with any questions you may have. We are here to help parents, too!

Read Along with SVE Staff via Schoology

In addition to joining your child's teacher or grade level "group" on Schoology, please be sure to ask your child if they have joined the Read Along with SVE Staff Course on Schoology, too! This course was started at the beginning of the school year and features teachers and staff reading books aloud for our Jaguar Nation to enjoy. Many students have joined already, and we will be positing additional book readings here, so be sure to get connected! (The access code to join is shown to the left.)


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