North Carolina Pirates

By Paige D., Noah S., and Alyssa M.


  • Real Name: Edward Teach
  • His ship was named "Queen Anne's Revenge"
  • He lived from 1680 to 1718
  • He settled in Okracoke Island, near Cape Hatteras
  • Blackbeard stole various items like grain, molasses, and kegs of rum along with ropes, tools, and ammunition
  • He terrorized sailors on the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean
  • Blackbeard was British

Stede Bonnet

  • Born in 1688 and died in 1718
  • Was known as the "Gentleman Pirate"
  • He wanted to become a pirate because his wife was nagging him
  • He stole ships
  • He targeted the sailors on the ships he stole

Capt. Kidd

  • Born 1645 and died 1701
  • He had two ships- the "Blessed William" and the "Adventure Galley"
  • He took French vessels to use for his own adventures
  • He was executed for killing Moore and becoming a pirate

Mary Read

  • Born in 1690 and died in 1721
  • She stole the ship "Revenge"
  • Mary Read and Anne Bonny were very famous pirates
  • Stole ships
  • She targeted crews on the ships
  • They joined Rackham on his ship

Anne Bonny

  • Born on March 8, 1698 and died on April 22, 1782
  • She stole ships and targeted the crews of the ships
  • She was partnered with Mary Read(Mark Read)
  • They joined Rackham
  • They were put on trial for being pirates


"Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarters, or take any from you."