Christina's Hair Specialization

Specializing In Natural, Braiding, Extensions, & Hair Growth

You Will Love Your Hair And Receive Growth Guarantee or MONEY BACK!

I Can Style, Color, Bleach, Braid And Help Maintain or Help Hair Growth. I'm Starting A Line With Hair Growth Products. And I Give You The Requested Service I Use My Growth Stimulating Drops Called Christina's Growth Drops. The Drops Come Together With Your Natural Hair Oils And Stimulate Growth. The Techniques I Use Will Have Your Hair Growing Fast, Healthy, Longer And Thicker. You Will Love The Service Provided.

Things About My Business

This Is My Business and It Is A Sole Proprietorship. The Good Things About My Business Is, I Choose When To Come In What Products To Use, And When I Want To Work, A Fixed Cost For The Land Used & I Make The Decisions Of The Salon. Some Things That Are Not So Great Are That I Have Unlimited Liability But My Resources Used Are Limited, A Variable Cost Some Days To Make Up Business Lost. But The Main Part I Love To Do Is To Interact With New Customers And Seeing A Smile On Their Face After My Work Has Been Finished. I Like How After Some Weeks After I Finish A Clients Hair , They Could Back And Tell Me About Their Amazing Results They Have Had With My Services.

Factors Of Production

Land : Chemicals, Hair, Products, Metal, Wood, Tools,

Labor : Providing A Hair Service

Physical Capital : Salon Chairs, A Hair Studio Building, Shampoo Bowls, Hair Products

Human Capital : Hair Service

Entrepreneur : Christina

Horizontal Merge

If I Entered A Horizontal Merge It Would Be With A Beauty Supply Store Because That Is Where I Would Buy My Supplies From To Provide My Services To My Customers. I Would Purchase My Some Of My Human Capital Supplies Here Such As Chemical Products And Small Instruments.