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Eric Cuevas

Global Warming

Global Warming is an increase in the earth's average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in a climate.Humans are polluting the air on everyday basis by transportation, industries, and much more.

What Can We Do to Help?

An average persons ecological footprint in the U.S. we will need 5 to 6 globes. We can help stop global warming by starting to use the cars less and to walk or drive a bike to your location. People can also help by carpooling, recycling, and using less hot water.

Why Should We Care?

By rising the earth's temperature we are ruining ecosystems that are in the ice land. Not only are we harming the animals in that habitat but we are also melting the ice land. Melting the glaciers will cause the ocean level to rise up and once the level rises up to its max, then there will be many natural disasters such as flooding.
Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye

Climate Change

Human activity is causing the earth's temperature to rise up to 1.2 to 1.4 degrees warmer in just the last century. Humans have created faster and better inventions which have caused global warming. The #1 victim is the ocean which is what regulates earth's temperature and provides 50% of the earth's oxygen. Global warming has increased the earth's temperature by .3% F since 1969, this may seem to be a better advantage to a normal beach attender it is actually a major threat to life at sea. Affecting the food web by rising the temperature can have a major affect not just on the sea life but in the 1 billion people that rely on the sea for their #1 source of protein. Not only this but rising the temperature will make glaciers melt and go into the ocean causing natural disasters.

Challenges We May Face By Apporching The Problem?

Getting rid of human activity that causes harm to the earth's atmosphere may sound easy, but is it really? Since June 6, 1978 the invention of the car was available to the people, a new way to get somewhere faster, more comfortable, and more easier. After the past years we have come up with way to build home stores and many other things, this is what lead to the heavy machinery witch run on carbon fuels. Today there are some new inventions that will help the environment such as cars powered by energy but they come without some advantages like only running a smaller amount of miles and not having a place to recharge in the streets. Solar panels are also a very good invention but they are very expensive and do not have an advantage until 5 years. Changing everything effecting the environment is a very hard approach because of human activity today.