Pope Francis

By Erica Snell


  • Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for most of his life
  • He attended school, but decided to study with the Catholic church instead
  • He became a bishop in 1992
  • Pope John Paul II made him a cardinal on February 21, 2001
  • He is now the Pope of the Catholic church
  • He is currently 77 years of age
Pope Francis learned to be devoted to something during his life. After many years of training and working in the church, he was fully devoted to God. This has helped him be fully devoted to the church and the members of the church, which makes him a better leader. Now, he helps other as much as possible.
Habemus Papam: Pope Francis Introduced to World

Traits and Leadership

Pope Francis:

  • Leads by example-- he wants others to help each other as he helps them
  • Is down-to-earth--he likes being equal to all members of the church
  • Is patient--he doesn't expect the world to change overnight
  • Is innovative--he brings new ideas and actions to the church
  • Reaches out to all--he helps others no matter their history or religion

Many chose to follow Pope Francis due to his kind actions towards others.

Pope Francis inspires me because he is accepting of others.

His most helpful trait is caring for others. He cares and helps others no matter what the circumstance.

Leadership Qualities

  • Honesty
  • Courage
  • Optimism
  • Flexibility
  • Hard-working
  • Influential
  • Communication
  • Humor
  • Creativity
  • Obligation
  • Inspiring

A leader does not need to have all of these qualities. Qualities will depend on the person and the situation that he or she is leading in.