Tiogue Faculty & Staff Bulletin

At-A-Glance October 27, 2018 #9

Important Information and Key Dates


October 2018

October 27 - Trunk or Treat PTA Event Postponed to Saturday 11/3 @ 11am

October 30 - LifeTouch Picture Day (Schedule below and here) & Progress Reports go home today

October 31 - RtI MTSS Mtg. 7:30am; Interviews for open TA position today 9:30am-11:30am; Perfect Attendance for the month closes -students will be given their raffle

ticket for October sometime in early Nov. There are new perfect attendance certificates that will be printed soon after Nov. 2nd.

November 2018

November 1 - Team Day - Please check your Google calendars for specific invites/times; PBIS rescheduled 7:30am

November 2 - Mental Health First Aid Training - 2nd session (Kim and Dom may attend)

November 3 - PTA Trunk or Treat EVENT 11am in the parking lot

November 6 - No School, Election Day - Tiogue is a Polling Place

November 7 - RtI MTSS Mtg. 8am: Data Mtg. for Grade K

November 8 - Team Day - Please check your Google calendars for specific invites/times

November 12 - No School, Veteran's Day Observed

November 13 - Book Fair Begins

November 14 - Data Mtgs. Gr. 1-5 (Kim is here today)

November 15 - Team Day - Please check your Google calendars for specific invites/times; TITLE ONE PJs And BOOKS Event

November 16 - PTA Bingo Night

November 19 - Book Fair Ends and PTA Mtg. this evening

November 22-23 - No School, Thanksgiving Recess

November 29 - Team Day - Please check your Google calendars for specific invites/times

Our Mission and Motto:

At Tiogue School, we believe that students can achieve their personal best and become responsible and productive citizens by embracing all learning opportunities each day.

"Everybody is somebody at Tiogue"


We would like faculty/staff representation at each PTA meeting. Talk with your team and colleagues about scheduling a time to come to a meeting this year.

Upcoming PTA Meeting Schedule:

11/19/18 at 6:30pm

12/17/18 at 3:30pm

1/28/19 at 6:30pm

2/25/19 at 3:30pm

3/18/19 at 6:30pm

4/22/19 at 3:30pm

5/20/19 at 6:30pm

June TBD at 3:30pm

SCHOOL STORE Every Other WEDNESDAY beginning on 9/26/18. This week on Oct. 24th

Life Touch Picture Schedule - it is shared in our Tiogue Folder too and linked above

I created two very similar versions - one buffers gr. 2 lunch and itinerants and the other adds some transition times after the first few classrooms move through the schedule. We all know that the photographers had difficulties last year especially after a camera broke!!

We have 30 min. blocks of time allotted this year.


9:00am - 9:30am: Rm 12 and Rm 23

9:30am - 10:00am: Rm 16 and Rm 13

10:00am - 10:30am: Rm 15 and Rm 14

10:30am - 11:00am: Rm 18 and Rm 19

11:00am - 11:30am: Rm 9 and Rm 8

11:30am - 12:00pm: Rm 7 and Rm 24

12:00pm - 12:30pm: Rm 22 and Rm 21

1:15pm - 1:45pm: Rm 5 and Rm 17

1:45pm - 2:15pm: Rm 6 and Rm 4

Fire Prevention Assembly: (K-2)

Thanks to our Coventry Fire Dept., especially Fire Fighter Steven Mann

Articles and other news

Behavioral Specialist and Math Intervention Schedule:

Kim Sturdahl will be at Tiogue on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week.

Please remember, when leaving Kim a note on her desk, please let her know who it is from


when speaking with Kim in the hallway about an issue please remember that she is probably going to work on an issue in another part of the building. Follow up with a note to her in case she is working on multiple issues.

MATHEMATICS: Mary V. will be at Tiogue for the week.

-Article of the week-

October 27, 2018: 13 Common Phrases to Avoid in your classroom - by, Edutopia. There are other very good SEL articles under this one on the web page.

October 20, 2018: The IEP Process - FAQ Created by R.I.D.E. - I will share with parents too. This is guidance that was first created in 2010, but revised in the summer of 2018. A copy is also placed in our Tiogue Shared Folder for 2018-19.

October 13, 2018: From Practical Ed-Tip of the Week:

ViewPure is one of my longest standing recommendations for viewing YouTube videos without distractions. At its basic level to use View Pure just copy the link of a video into the "purifier" on the View Pure website and then click purify. Your "purified" video will be displayed on a blank white background. You can password-protect links to videos that you share through ViewPure (click here for directions). In the last year ViewPure expanded to offer curated collections of educational videos.

October 7, 2018: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding - Edutopia

September 29, 2018: Rude, Mean, or Bullying: A Child Therapist Defines

September 22, 2018: 250 Google Tools (tutorials) for teachers

September 15th: Take the Multiple Intelligences Quiz that Don sent out this week!

Let's discuss at our Faculty Meeting on Wed.

September 8th:

The most effective teachers turn to their colleagues for advice... posted by Research Digest

September 1st: Six Ways of Building Rapport with Students - from EduTopia

Previous articles can still be found in the other bulletins.

Technology Questions

Please use this link for Frequently Asked Questions of our Tech Dept.

You can learn about resetting passwords and other items on this site.

R.O.A.R. Pictures - Assembly 10/22

SEL/Restorative Practice's Corner

SEL/Conscious Discipline/PBIS and other important info.


Week 9:


Our R.O.A.R. Show (Respect Other, Act Responsibly) on Monday, October 22nd went well! See pics above. Thank you for filling in the program evaluations. I will mail them to Hawaii on Tuesday 10/29.

PBIS MTG. Summary from this past Thursday:

Old news:

See Behavior Specialist area above. Kim has been working hard to update our documents and forms. A Tiogue Behavior Form Google Shared Folder has been set up with the latest information. Kim has the referral folder system in place on her office door.

Some faculty and staff asked about extending our Start With Hello work-

Like I had expressed at our first meeting of the school year, PBIS, Conscious Discipline, Restorative Practices, SEL, Start With Hello, all link up nicely together - their philosophies have a common thread can be found tying all programs together.

So, the short answer is, YES! Keep the work moving forward, and share your ideas.

We can post them to this section of the newsletter.


Nurse's Corner of important information


Dr. Gordon, our school dentist will be here for dental screenings on Friday, December 7th.

Also, I am starting vision screening for all grade levels. Parents have been informed that if they do not want your child screened, they are to please notify me, and provide documentation on their current screening from their physician.

Thank you,

Gina D'Aguanno RN

Mid-Trimester Parent Letter

Our Collective Commitment At Tiogue!

Big picture

See Sodexo Flyer below - End Hunger Scholarships

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