What is a life coach?

is a life coach for you?


Its Tammy from LPJ Coaching ! and i wanted to share with you two questions I get asked all the time and thought maybe you have those questions to.

Who needs a life coach? What is a life coach?

Anybody can use a life coach anyone that wants direction and motivation in any aspects of their life. This can be for business or personal development. With a life coach you always have someone guiding you and motivating you. Its like having your very own personal cheerleader cheering you on as you go. A coach will inspire you, not judge you, guide you and hold you accountable.

When you work with a life coach you will think differently, you will make choices and decisions differently. You will even walk and talk differently because your self esteem has changed due to your self confidence has changed.

Where you are now and where you want to be can be scary and staying in a negative mind frame can be detrimental but if you go on a mental diet by taking out the negative and putting in the positive change is inevitable. To work with a life coach you must have intent, desire and commitment to creating a change. Once you start creating change and start noticing who you have become you will not recognize that person you were when you first started. When you believe in yourself the possibilities are endless. A life coach can assist you in achieving your goals, dreams and desires.

I would be honored to work with you to support you in achieving anything you want for yourself and become the person you want to be. I am available to coach via Skype or telephone.

Please contact me at tammydowling@lpjcoaching.com or phone 441-704-9988

Much Love

Tammy Dowling

Life Coach Specialist

Who needs a life coach?